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At the end of this course, you will be able to identify the characteristics of an effective behaviour-based interview, ask appropriate behaviour-based questions & listen skillfully to answers, structure the interview for optimum data collection, & more.

Course Outline

After this session, participants will be able to:
  • Identify the characteristics of an effective behaviour-based interview
  • Ask appropriate behaviour-based questions and listen skilfully to answers
  • Structure the interview for optimum data collection in a minimum time
  • Open and close interviews effectively
  • Stay in charge of the interview and refocus difficult interviewees
  • Deal appropriately with human rights issues
  • Follow up on the interview

Part I: Introduction

  • Participant roles and goals and expectations
  • Aims of the behaviour-based interviewer
  • Professionalism in the interviewer's role
Part II: Behaviour-based Interviewing
  • The key principle of behaviour-based interviewing: Past behaviour predicts future behaviour
  • How to make our questions behaviour-based
  • Sequencing, flow and funneling
  • How to put an interviewee at ease
  • Beyond gut-feel: Strategies for eliminating our biases and staying objective
Part III: Questioning Skills for the Behaviour-based Interviewer
  • The right tool for our purpose: Two categories of interview questions (open, closed)
  • Distinguishing between directive and non-directive questions
  • How to introduce a topic with a behaviour-based question
  • How to avoid letting hypothetical questions creep in
  • How to avoid telegraphing our expected answer
  • An important question skill: following up on initial questions till we get an answer
  • Avoiding defensiveness: Suggestions for softening over-direct questions
  • How to take charge of a dominant interviewee with questioning
  • Sample behaviour-based questions for various interview topics
  • Practicum
Part IV: Active Listening Skills for the Behaviour-based Interviewer
  • Distinguishing between paraphrasing and summarizing
  • Observing and interpreting the interviewee's non-verbal behaviour
  • Attentive listening: signals that reduce defensiveness and encourage elaboration
  • Red-flagging questionable answers
  • How to interrupt without offending our interviewee
  • Using high-impact and low-impact approaches
  • Practicum
Part V: Structuring the Interview
  • Planning and preparing for the interview
  • The screening interview
  • How the interview structure differs with more than one interviewer
  • Planning the questions
  • Using the interviewee's documentation as reference when preparing
  • What to cover in the opening
  • How to handle the body of the interview
  • How to handle the issue of note-taking
  • When to deal with compensation issues
  • Closing the interview
  • When to complete the paperwork
  • Practicum
Part VI: Human Rights Issues in the Behaviour-based Interview
  • What we may legally ask and not ask, and why
  • Legal but inappropriate questions
  • The importance of the resume
  • What to do when an interviewee claims violation of rights
Part VII: Following Up on the Interview
  • How to handle references (use them!) and referees
  • What we may and may not ask a referee
  • Organizing notes for multiple interviews
  • Point comparisons of interview scores
  • Documentation and notification
Personal Action Plan for the Behaviour-based Interviewer
Course Closure and Evaluation

Prerequisites & Certificates

Certificates offered

Certificate of Completion

Cancellation Policy
Should you postpone or cancel your course you must give 5 business days notice.
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Great course, great teacher.
Reviewed by 2018
Course was more than I had expected and the trainer was very pleasant and enjoyable to learn from!
Reviewed by 2017
Learned what I needed and more. Good class size.
Reviewed by 2017
Only challenge was the computers were not working properly in the lab. They were slow and seemed to take a long time to run programs and run Adobe Illustrator.
Reviewed by 2017
Parking - I took the Harbour Air Shuttle. Environment - Good based on the renovations and recent move that just took place. This is completely understandable. Instructor - Bev is amazing.
Reviewed by 2017
This was a great workshop the only thing I would suggest is the stories shared by both presenter and students stay relevant to the course.
Reviewed by 2017
I should have taken a Level 2 Excel as I already knew the majority of what was being taught...even more. Hence why some "poor ratings". However, the instructor was awesome and I really enjoyed the day!
Reviewed by 2017
I did not like the use of Styrofoam cups and there was no black tea available. I think there could have been more snacks available and a possible simple lunch for the price paid for the course. A little more time might have been beneficial to have more practice with some of the seminar topics.
Reviewed by 2017
I am being told by a fellow employee that a different trainer they had for another course did a much better job. So I am giving your company the benefit of doubt. The instructor in this course was bouncing around through different levels of Excel and did not stay on topic.
Reviewed by 2017
I did enjoy the course however for the time commitment and cost it was a little disappointing. The course description and the course material covered were very different. The instructor powerpoint was all over the place and the handout didn't match what we were covering. Like I said I did enjoy meeting the other attendees and covering topics but wish the outline and materials were better prepared.
Reviewed by 2016
would be great if this course can be taught in 2 days so that there is time to digest at slower pace and there is enought time for exercises. There are so much topics to cover and one day does not seem to be enough.
Reviewed by 2016
very good training although considering the comprehensiveness of course contencts, might be better to go on two day sched even if the price gets a little higher. Students can only absorb so much so if lessons are condensed in a day, retention might be reduced.
Reviewed by 2016
It was a useful course for me and the instructor was great she made the subject interesting
Reviewed by 2016
Although the course was fine. And I learned some new information, so many people in the course had used Excel before that some smaller points were missed as it was assumed that you could say them once, quickly, and we could get it. If you are going to call it a beginner course, you should stress on the website that only beginners should attend. I didn't appreciate the course content to it's fullest because I do not know how to use excel. I took the course for that specific reason...because I do not know how to use excel. After the course, I don't believe I learned as much of the basics as I could have.
Reviewed by 2016
Instructor did a great job of presenting information as well as answering questions and working through scenarios.
Reviewed by 2016
I found the Focus on Leadership Workshop very informative and I really appreciated the interactiveness of the session. The Instructor was professional and knowledgeable. I have applied many of the teachings concepts in my role and I would definitely attend future sessions. Thank you!
Reviewed by 2015
I've utilized On-Track for training before .. as always, they have never let me down. Very very happy.
Reviewed by 2015
This training school was excellent! All of the staff were very friendly, courteous and professional. The instructor was marvellous! I learned so much more than I could have if I had taken this course online. I not only learned the course material but the instructor answered other unrelated questions that I had. Highly recommended!!
Reviewed by 2015
Would like to have access/print out to presentation as well (so that we don't have to write down what is on the powerpoint slides)
Reviewed by 2015
Krishna is a great instructor! He is very knowledgeable, patient with the students, and very encouraging. He helps make the daunting task of learning Excel approachable. Thanks Krishna!!!
Reviewed by 2015
1) Instructor should clearly map out course schedule (ie.break & lunch times, end time). 2) Screen was hard to see. You could use zoom function on projector to utilize full screen and make information more visible. 3) Course workbook should be put online for easy of access to information.
Reviewed by 2015
Maybe two day instead of one day. A lot to go over in one day.
Reviewed by 2015
I was not happy with the computer, I had to change over to another computer due to defect. This took time away from the course for myself and others. The instructor spoke too fast. Difficult to use the computer screen and the overhead at the same time due to the instructor moving too quickly. He seemed frustrated with questions and/or if I wasn't understanding fast enough.
Reviewed by 2015
Krishna did a very good job in teaching us about Excel (level 2). Can you please provide his email address to me? Thanks, Don Kajiwara.
Reviewed by 2014
I thought the training was extremely helpful.
Reviewed by 2014
It was a very informative course and the instructor was awesome! The only thing I would change would be the positioning of the projector because I couldn't see everything that was going on.
Reviewed by 2014
I would like to see the course separated into categories: Effective Minute Taking: Beginner; Effective Minute Taking: Intermediate; Effective Minute Taking: Advanced. There was a wide variety of skill levels in the course and it dragged for the more experienced participants because of reviewing information that was fairly basic. Overall the course was worthwhile and I certainly did take away some good pointers.
Reviewed by 2014
the organization had no environment consciousness using Styrofoam and not being able to tell me where paper recycling was. The invoice didn't have the times of the seminar which is extremely annoying as I need for PD hours purposes. The end time listed on their site said 4:30? but the instructor said usually 3:30 - 4 so that would be better. Maybe they are trying to seem longer for value purposes but thank goodness it ended at 4. The instructor was not inspiring. I know, coding is the most exciting subject yet I have been to other workshops that was entertaining on way dryer subjects. maybe if he showed some of the capabilities at the beginning to amaze the class it would have helped to motivate the learning of the basic code which by the way the entire morning can be fond in a 15 minute you tube video. If you are looking for cheap PD and you bring something else to do (I had my iPad)and have low expectations then...actually, no I am sure you can find something else.
Reviewed by 2013
Other students slowed down the course, not the instructors fault.
Reviewed by 2013
Beverly was wonderful. My only feedback would be that this should be a 2 day coarse or there should be an "Advanced Communication Skills" workshop.
Reviewed by 2013
Instructor was extremely patient and understanding with a room full of different levels. He explained well and added humour to a long day - thank you!
Reviewed by 2013
Excellent instructor. The location of the facility is difficult to find as there are few street addresses on Georgia. A note stating it is in the bank building would have been helpful.
Reviewed by 2013
Instruction seemed rather disjointed. Instructor's focus could have been better, along with his preparation. First off he couldn't get the projector to work, then couldn't find the examples he wanted to show. When asked a question, he veered off topic and then it was difficult to get back on track.
Reviewed by 2013
Only suggestion I would make it that more time should be spent on some aspects to ensure everyone has a complete grasp of the concepts. Some attendees had difficulty in keeping up with the instructor's coverage of the material.
Reviewed by 2013
The class was a good size to encourage questions and discussion. The instructor was very good at assessing the knowledge and experience of the class and shaped the instruction accordingly (the other value of a relatively small class). I much prefer these full one day intensive courses to 12 weeks of 2 hours a night every Wednesday...
Reviewed by 2012
Overall a positive experience!
Reviewed by 2012
I thought the course was excellent, but think that the material could be better covered over two days instead of one.
Reviewed by 2012
This course was exactly as described and exactly what I wanted. I'm very pleased. the presenter was excellent. I would definitely go to On-Track for more training and recommend them to others.
Reviewed by 2012
Great instructor - made it so much easier to get through a whole day staring at a computer!
Reviewed by 2012
There wasnt enough taught in the course. I didnt find it went into enough detail and the handout is terribly written. The instructor was okay but he focused too much on how "Not to do something" then how to just do it correctly, on certain course material which confused people. I think less breaks, more days added so we can learn more about what MS project has to offer.
Reviewed by 2012
One of the best training that I have ever emcountered.
Reviewed by 2011
The course was great and helped me learn a lot of skills using Excel for work. The instructor was really nice and knowledgable. Although my only complaint and concern is that the course was really rushed and i feel like some people wouldnt be able to keep up with the training.
Reviewed by 2011
I'd like to see a course at this level that is more in depth. More practice excercises, over a longer period of time. I was pleased the instructor made himself available to students even after the course was complete (gave us his email if we had any follow up questions).
Reviewed by 2011
Alan has a done an exceptional job. He is very knowledgeable and goes out of his way to explain everything in details. He is very patient and answers all my questions. He is an awesome teacher!
Reviewed by 2011
I did note body odour of presenter was strong. Only critisism I have. Everything else was excellent.
Reviewed by 2011
Alan was an excellent instructor!
Reviewed by 2011
Excellent Excel 2 course, Alan is a very good instructor. I would take additional courses.
Reviewed by 2011
I wondered why Access 2003 instead of 2010. I should have checked that before I took it. Anyway the course was great and I learned a lot and the Instructor was so nice and kind, I enjoyed his class.
Reviewed by 2011
Haven't really looked over the course book much as I made lots of notes. Only comment re: technlogy was I had no internet connection which was a bit of a hassle during the lunch break as I wanted to check my email and my company website and had to use another desk.
Reviewed by 2011

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