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Blue Micro Canada Inc is an IT business consultancy and training provider. We work intimately with businesses to design, develop and then deliver fully customized training programs to assist businesses to achieve their goals. Over 5 years experienced in training and education. Blue Micro has officially collaborated with Corporate Trainings and Government sectors training and we are equipped with well trained professional trainers with strong IT backgrounds for more than 7 years. We also conduct webinar trainings using Adobe Connect Tool .We are members of OSPE and CSTD societies.

Operating with strong track record and reputation, Blue Micro Canada Inc continues to maintain an internationally recognized standard for high quality education and study program as well as research and development excellence. We believe in our approach which is focused on achieving a measurable return of investment through our services and solutions. Our solutions and services are designed to deliver best-in-class results across a wide spectrum of domains and technologies.

Our Mission is to provide is to provide a combination of IT services provider and leading edge learning solutions .Most of Blue Micro’ s trainings and development services are designed and developed in house.

It is our policy to seek international accreditation where its added value to individuals and organizations .In order to that Blue Micro offers the widest choice of accredited training and development services from such leading brand Training Approval Organizations.

Our specialist focus on business focused management systems ,business excellence models and tools and techniques, backed by an ongoing research program, the wide private and public sector practical experience of our trainers and our renowned continual professional development program gives Blue Micro a unique perspective on the changing roles and demands faced by key staff and employees in organizations today .Our lead trainer have fulfilled similar roles to our delegates audience during their careers and can therefore relate directly to the issues and challenges they face .

This level of understanding guarantees the most accurately focused and specifically tailored learning solutions of their kind and reflects the importance organizations now place on the development of key staff and employees . Blue Micro takes extra care to ensure we will fully understand your training and development requirement before we propose a solution for you. We do not sell product which may not meet your requirement .We provide practical learning solutions, which work for you.

Most of our learning solutions are available publicly or in house .In some cases the modular programs are available on a part time basis .Where in house learning Is your preferred option ,this gives greater opportunity to custom or tailor make the learning material and presentation style .Besides that we have webinar based training worldwide using the Adobe Connect tool.

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Blue Micro Canada Inc
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