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Very often you can hear how selling is a form of art, how sales people need to be creative and use their imagination, but we are not agreeing with that - sales is more science than anything. Yes you can use imagination and creativity, but after using tools available to you. With the proper tools and techniques you'll replace guesswork with success.

Alen Majer consults businesses on a variety of topics ranging from improving sales processes and developing better customer relationships to improving internal sales forces skills. He knows the secret of sales and is sharing it, and after over 15 years in sales he still believes this is the most exciting, best payable, and most secure job position in the world!

Alen is a competitive leader, experienced in the management, inspiration and development of sales teams. Skilled at directing multiple internal and external initiatives while delivering results on primary objectives, he is experienced in the procurement of profitable business, senior level account penetration, and client retention. Alen's skillful negotiating capabilities, coupled with extraordinary communication proficiency, have shown him to be a tactical thinker with sound knowledge of the strategic selling process and a proven ability to close business transactions.

Alen holds seminars about different sales topics, from "How to Find the Customers" to "How to Be a Professional Sales Person," in order to assist the development of salesperson skills suitable for the 21st century. He is the author of Trigger Events - How to Find Your Next Customer, Crucial Points to Succeed in Sales (and Life), and How to Sell to Americans.

Alen is author of these books:

Trigger Events - How to Find Your Next Customer
Crucial Points to Succeed in Sales ( and Life)
How to Sell to Americans (2008 Edition available in April)
The Sales Process (in Croatian language - "Kako prodavati")

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