Unleash Your Power
NLP Training Courses in Toronto

I show people how to become the front runners in their field. To command attention, gain respect, win trust and effectively communicate their value. To let go of what is holding them back and break through the glass ceiling. I’m interesting, humorous, dynamic, inspiring & motivating action. Plus, I really care about people’s success!

I empower individuals and teams by:
•    Training you and your teams the tools and strategies  they need to be successful
•    Showing people how to be highly influential
•    Allowing people to instantly gain the "know, like and trust factor"
•    Teaching how to command attention and be highly respected - and valued
•    Empowering them to communicate effectively and enroll others in their ideas
•    Inspiring people to get into action and create momentum and results
•    Letting go of what is holding them back and breaking through the glass ceiling
•    Teaching them the tools of the elite that they need to take action and become highly successful

From 13+ years of experience at IBM, Novel, years of personal and professional development,  and many years running my own businesses, I have learned the keys to being highly influential and creating instant rapport, trust, power communication, effectively working together, effectively leading others and for people to really see your value. 

I am also an international board-certified NLP, TLT and Hypnosis Trainer, and was even a master trainer apprentice for 5 years. I have trained for years as a coach, trainer and speaker, and my training has transformed me both personally and professionally. I have a BAS from York University, and even minored in human behavior. 

I also had a challenging life when I was younger, from health problems to bullying and physical abuse. It has certainly taught me a lot, and adds to my expertise and experience. I have made my scars my strengths and my wounds my wisdom! I love showing others how to do this as well.

By showing people and organizations how to gain and sustain a world-class reputation, I empower people to lead, connect with, inspire, influence others and boost their bottom line. To command attention, gain respect, demonstrate (and effectively communicate) their massive value.  That way people wan t to work with you, be around you, and do business with you.

I share my solid knowledge and tools for developing powerful communication and influencer skills, and share powerful strategies to become known as world-class.

Showing organizations how to become the front runners in their field is what fuels me.

My interesting, high-powered trainings, workshops and  keynotes give people the tools they need to gain and sustain a world-class presence, influence and greater market share.

As an engaging speaker, my inspiring and energizing speeches get incredible results! I believe it is because I truly care about people and want them to win - and my reviews and testimonials reflect this. Apparently, I’m pretty good at what I do!

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Unleash Your Power
105 George St, Unit 1608
Toronto Ontario
Canada M5A 0L4