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Mississauga Training Consultants has been doing Fiber optic certification training for 20 years with over 4,600 fiber optic installers certified through the fiber Optic Association. We have done training for several hundred companies in Canada, the USA, Europe and the Caribbean.

The Four day Certified Fiber Optic Installer is our base program and the prerequisite for the two day Fiber to the Home specialist and the two day Outside plant specialist certification courses.  Many companies insist of hiring employees with certification and the FOA Certification is generally the certification of choice with over 50,000 installers certified through the Fiber Optic Association. Our one day Grounding and Bonding course for communication technicians is popular and has been conducted for many companies including the US and Canadian Military and Government of Canada IT workers. This course it taught to standards above the Electrical codes and more in line with IEEE standards.

Mississauga Training also conducts a two day Voice Data Video (VDV) Network Cabling Inspector Certification program which covers the standards required when designing, installing and inspecting a Network cabling System. Writing an RFQ  (request for Quote) is an important part of this course. We emphasize that "What you don't specify, you can't inspect" unless, of course, if   it is code violations.

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