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Founded in 2007, Bromelin HR Consulting is a privately owned, boutique HR consulting firm that specializes in developing a comprehensive Human Resources strategy aligned with the goals of the organization. We provide comprehensive HR support to companies in Canada, specializing in start-ups, while providing a strong connection and reporting to the client’s organization in other countries, as needed.

We can work directly with the Management Team or support the Human Resources department to ensure that you are getting the most from your people, and therefore achieving your desired business outcomes. Bromelin also focuses on providing the foundation for the company to become an "employer of choice", increase employee satisfaction, reduce turnover and enhance productivity. We can perform a diagnostic within your organization to identify areas of vulnerability and opportunities for growth, ensuring you are making the most of the talented people in your company.

Our philosophy is that every customer feels like our only customer.  A consultant and an HR Coordinator is dedicated to each client to ensure their needs are met in a complete and timely manner.

Employee and Management training is one of our primary focuses, The Performance Edge High Impact Training programs will take your employee performance to the next level and give your organization a competitive edge.

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Bromelin HR Consulting
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