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Results Centered Leadership focuses on a paced learning system that is designed to change behaviour and sustain the new behaviour. We help managers become better leaders by focusing on skills that are proven to increase employee engagement and retention

  • Course Start Date: 2021-10-06
  • Time: 08:30:00 - 11:30:00
  • Duration: 12 bi-weekly sessions
  • Location: St. Thomas
  • Delivery Method(s): Instructor Led
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Course Outline




Results-Centred Leadershipâ„¢ enables the organization and everyone in it to achieve superb results.

Effective leadership is the single biggest contributor to an organization's success. Results-Centred Leadershipâ„¢ builds upon the inherent leadership potential in each person.

Results-Centred Leadershipâ„¢ participants will discover the benefits achieved by using mutual Win/Win agreements. The program will teach participants the power and effectiveness of regularly scheduled one-on-one coaching and encourage them to coach people to succeed rather than policing them for failure. Participants will notice changes in behaviours and attitudes that produce measurable results!

Results-Centred Leadershipâ„¢ will help organizations achieve better bottom line results through:
  • Improved productivity and results
  • Improved customer/client service
  • Enhanced teamwork and co-operation
  • Motivated and dedicated people
  • People embracing responsibility
  • Being accountable “without prompting”
  • Conflict resolution and consensus building
The program is based on practical experiences for today's business environment and applies both personally and in the business world, providing the opportunity for a more balanced life.

Participants will receive:
  •     Written learning materials with 12 chapters of proven concepts
  •     Audio files of the learning materials above so participants can maximize their learning and retention
  •     A success planner with activities and exercises to reinforce the concepts from the learning material

What one of our past attendees had to say:

The "Results Centered Leadership" course has resulted in a strong professional team, one which adheres to a culture of mutually determined and shared outcomes for the organization's goals and objectives - William R.S. Executive Director

All programs offered by The Achievement Centre come with a money back guarantee.Should a participant feel they have not benefited from our program, we will be pleased to arrange for a refund.

Cancellation Policy

Refunds are at the discretion of The Achievement Centre, and dependent upon the circumstances and timing.

Training Location

Elgin Business Resource Centre
300 South Edgeware Road St.

St. Thomas, ON

About The Achievement Centre


The Achievement Centre International, based in London Ontario, offers sales training and leadership training to organizations and individuals throughout southwestern Ontario. The Achievement Centre International is a Canadian company offering services to clients in Canada, the US, the Middle East, and Puerto Rico.

Our Methodology

Our London, Ontario sales training programs are based on a multi-sensory paced-learning approach. Each program includes training materials, audio files, and a success planner. These programs are delivered by certified facilitators who have professional experience relative to the programs they deliver.

There are typically 12 sessions (plus an introductory session) offered over a period of several months. These programs are designed to be attended by individuals who desire to increase their competency through sales or leadership training. These sessions are also ideal for smaller companies who may not have enough staff to justify running a unique program for their business. Attendees benefit not only from the program content and the experience of the Facilitator, but from the diversity of the other program attendees. Program specifics are explained in more detail below.

Sales Training

Pure Selling (TM) is a highly successful sales training program developed by Wayne Vanwyck, an accomplished business trainer and founder of The Achievement Centre International, based in Kitchener, Ontario. Pure Selling (TM) focuses on enhancing seven key talents and abilities in twelve different sales development categories including profitable client strategies, getting referrals, asking for action, and handling objections. Using the multi-sensory paced-learning techniques mentioned above, Pure Selling (TM) provides measurable results!

In addition to Pure Selling (TM), The Achievement Centre offers other types of sales training programs, both paced-learning and single event workshops. Please contact us at info@TACresults.com to learn more!

Leadership Training

Results Centred Leadership(TM) (RCL) focuses on developing leadership in an environment of respect and trust. Developed in Canada by Caroline Rowan and Frederick Clarke, RCL is a leadership training program used by both large and small organizations to "coach people to succeed rather than policing for failure." RCL not only focuses on developing the leaders' skills, but also helps them to better develop skills in others, and to bring about the changes in attitudes and behaviours to ensure measurable results.

The Achievement Centre also offers other programs including leadership training, coaching, and teamwork, both paced-learning and single event workshops. Please contact us at info@TACresults.com to learn more!

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