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In this course, you will increase the complexity of your Microsoft® Word 2003 documents by adding components such as customized lists, tables, charts, and graphics. You will also create personalized Microsoft® Word 2003 efficiency tools.

Course Outline
In the first course in this series, Microsoft Word 2003 : Level 1, you gained all the basic skills that you need to create a wide range of standardized business documents. If you use Microsoft® Office Word 2003 on a regular basis, then once you have mastered the basic skills, the next step is to improve your proficiency. To do so, you can customize and automate the way Microsoft® Word 2003 works for you, and you can improve the quality of your work by enhancing your documents with customized Microsoft® Word 2003 elements. In this course, you will increase the complexity of your Microsoft® Word 2003 documents by adding components such as customized lists, tables, charts, and graphics. You will also create personalized Microsoft® Word 2003 efficiency tools.

Course Objective: You will add complexity to Microsoft® Office Word 2003 documents and create personalized efficiency tools in Microsoft® Word 2003.

Target Student: This course was designed for persons who can create and modify standard business documents in Microsoft® Word 2003, and who need to learn how to use Microsoft® Word 2003 to create or modify complex business documents as well as customized Word efficiency tools. It will be helpful for persons preparing for the Microsoft Office Specialist exams for Microsoft® Word 2003.

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Course Content Lesson 1: Managing Lists
Topic 1A: Sort a List
Topic 1B: Restart a List
Topic 1C: Create an Outline Numbered List
Topic 1D: Customize List Appearance

Lesson 2: Customizing Tables and Charts
Topic 2A: Sort a Table
Topic 2B: Modify Table Structure
Topic 2C: Merge or Split Cells
Topic 2D: Position Text in a Table Cell
Topic 2E: Apply Borders and Shading
Topic 2F: Perform Calculations in a Table
Topic 2G: Create a Chart from a Word Table
Topic 2H: Modify a Chart

Lesson 3: Customizing Formatting
Topic 3A: Modify Character Spacing
Topic 3B: Add Text Effects
Topic 3C: Control Paragraph Flow

Lesson 4: Working with Custom Styles
Topic 4A: Create a Character or Paragraph Style
Topic 4B: Modify an Existing Style
Topic 4C: Create a List Style
Topic 4D: Create a Table Style

Lesson 5: Modifying Pictures
Topic 5A: Set Picture Contrast or Brightness
Topic 5B: Crop a Picture
Topic 5C: Wrap Text Around a Picture

Lesson 6: Creating Customized Graphic Elements
Topic 6A: Draw Shapes and Lines
Topic 6B: Insert WordArt
Topic 6C: Insert Text Boxes
Topic 6D: Create Diagrams

Lesson 7: Controlling Text Flow
Topic 7A: Insert Section Breaks
Topic 7B: Insert Columns
Topic 7C: Link Text Boxes

Lesson 8: Automating Common Tasks
Topic 8A: Run a Macro
Topic 8B: Create a Macro
Topic 8C: Modify a Macro
Topic 8D: Customize Toolbars and Buttons
Topic 8E: Add Menu Items

Lesson 9: Automating Document Creation
Topic 9A: Create a Document Based on a Template
Topic 9B: Create a Document by Using a Wizard
Topic 9C: Create or Modify a Template
Topic 9D: Change the Default Template Location
Topic 9E: Insert a MacroButton Field in a Template

Lesson 10: Performing Mail Merges
Topic 10A: The Mail Merge Process
Topic 10B: Perform a Merge on Existing Documents
Topic 10C: Merge Envelopes and Labels
Topic 10D: Use Word to Create a Data Source

Appendix A: Microsoft Office Specialist Program

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Prerequisites & Certificates

Students should be able to use Microsoft® Word 2003 to create, edit, format, save, and print basic business documents that contain text, basic tables, and simple graphics. Students can obtain this level of skill by taking the following Element K course: • Microsoft Word 2003: Level 1

Certificates offered

Certificate of completion

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations or postponements received more than ten business days prior to the first day of the course, will be subject to a 15% administration fee, and course ware fees where applicable. The cost of the course is payable, in full, for any cancellations or postponements received within ten business days, or less, prior to the first day of the course.

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