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In this 2 day course learn many of the Illustrator advanced features and techniques. Also learn to integrate Illustrator with the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite to create more complex illustrations, logos and graphics.

  • Course Start Date: 2019-05-28
  • Time: 09:00:00 - 16:00:00
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Location: Edmonton
  • Delivery Methods(s): Instructor Led

Course Outline


Illustrator - Level I or equivalent experience/knowledge.


Students will further develop their Illustrator skills and knowledge and learn many of the advanced features and techniques. They will also learn to integrate Illustrator with the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite helping them to create more complex illustrations, logos and graphics.

Course Content

  • Using the Tracing Feature
  • Tracing a Raster Image
  • Applying Tracing Options
  • Releasing a Tracing
  • Converting Tracings to Paths
Live Paint
  • What is a Live Paint Group?
  • Using the Pencil Tool
  • Creating Live Paint Groups
  • Using the Live Paint Bucket
  • Using the Live Paint Selection Tool
  • Reshaping Live Paint Groups
  • Adding Paths to a Live Paint Group
  • Choosing Gap Options
  • Expanding and Releasing Live Paint Groups
Live Colour
  • Using the Colour Guide Panel
  • Editing Colours via Live Colour
  • Assigning Colours via Live Colour
  • Reducing Colours via Live Colour
  • Acquiring Images
  • Using the Open Command
  • Using the Place Command
  • Choosing Photoshop Import Options
  • Managing Linked Images
  • Using Drag-and-Drop
Appearances and Graphic Styles
  • Applying Appearance Attributes
  • Editing Appearance Attributes
  • Removing Appearance Attributes
Clipping Masks
  • Using Clipping Sets
  • Changing the Opacity and Blending Mode
  • Controlling Which Objects the Transparency Settings Affect
  • Using the Transparency Grid
  • Using the Symbols Panel
  • Accessing the Symbol Libraries
  • Replacing Symbols
  • Creating Symbols
  • Saving Symbol Libraries
  • Deleting Symbols
  • Using the Symbol Sprayer Tool
  • Choosing Global Properties
  • Modifying Symbol Instances
  • Duplicating Symbols
  • Using the Symbol Shifter Tool
  • Using the Symbol Scruncher Tool
  • Using the Symbol Sizer Tool
  • Using the Symbol Spinner Tool
  • Using the Symbol Stainer Tool
  • Using the Symbol Screener Tool
  • Using the Symbol Styler Tool
  • Expending Symbol Instances
  • General Preferences
  • Selection and Anchor Display
  • Type Preferences
  • Units and Display Performance Preferences
  • Guides and Grid Preferences
  • Smart Guides and Slices Preferences
  • Hyphenation Preferences
  • Plug-ins and Scratch Disks Preferences
  • User Interface Preferences
  • File Handling and Clipboard Preferences
  • Appearance of Black Preferences
  • Print Dialog Box: General and Setup Options
  • Marks and Bleed Options
  • Output Options
  • Graphics Options
  • Colour Management
  • Advanced Options
  • Summary Options
  • Printing and Exporting Transparency
  • Creating and Editing Presets
  • Creating Custom Crop Marks
  • Choosing a Resolution for Effects
  • Using the Document Info Panel
  • Saving as EPS
  • Saving as Adobe PDF
  • Using the Export Command
  • Exporting as Flash (swf)
  • Optimizing Files for the Web
  • Exporting Files to Photoshop

Cancellation Policy

10 business days cancellation or full course fee will be charged

Training Location

TTC, B-11 Cameron Library
11320-89 Avenue, University of Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta

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This vendor has an overall average rating of 4.38 out of 5 based on 196 reviews.

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The course was excellent, the instructor Rachel was great.
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Was a very informative course.
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My payments were taken care of by last minute training with the University of Alberta. The teacher was good, the content was good.
I already completed a survey at the end of the course so not sure why I have to complete another survey on line? LOL
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The information learned in this course will assist me in my current role. Enjoyed the class.
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I would have preferred using the manual given to follow, so I could add my notes to each area as we worked through the course. Unf ... Read more

I would have preferred using the manual given to follow, so I could add my notes to each area as we worked through the course. Unfortunately all my notes are in the beginning of the book as we, only looked it once, when a student asked what page we were on.

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More useful contents can be fit in and taught in this class definitely.
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Worthwhile training that provided me with the skills needed to use Onenote.
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