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Create a simple spreadsheet from the conception to printing using the available tools.

Course Outline
Create a simple spreadsheet from the conception to printing using the available tools.

Course Outline Day 1 :
Basic Concepts :
    What is a spreadsheet;
    Excel's properties
    Starting Excel;
    The Excel environment;
    Opening a workbook;
    The different pointer shapes;
    Understanding the Keyboard;
    Moving around a spreadsheet;
    The different data types;
    The display, content, and format of a cell;
    Data input;
    Editing the content of a cell;
    Erasing one or many cells;
    Saving a workbook;
    Setting AutoSave;
    Sending a file by e-mail;
    E-mailing a selected range.
Environment :
    Managing workbooks;
    Using drop-down menus;
    Customizing the toolbar;
    Using context-sensitive menus;
    Viewing a document before printing;
    Using zoom;
    Using Smart Tags;
    Using the Help features.

Editing Techniques :
    Selecting cells;
    Copying and moving data;
    Filling a range with data series;
    Undoing and redoing previous actions;
    Finding and replacing;
    Freezing titles.

Basic Calculations :
    Using the AutoSum function;
    Creating formulas;
    Copying formulas and functions;
    Finding errors in formulas.

Day 2 : Formulas :
    Cell addressing;
    Creating formulas using other functions;
    Editing a formula;
    Changing number formats;
    Using the IF function;
    Using the Date and Time functions;
    Using the Round Function.

Spreadsheet Management :
    Inserting columns and rows;
    Deleting columns and rows;
    Changing column width;
    Changing row height;
    Hiding columns or rows;
    Displaying columns or rows;
    Naming cells.

Formatting Worksheets :
    Modifying the alignment;
    Formatting characters;
    Adding borders;
    Adding patterns;
    Using automatic formatting;
    Conditional formatting.

Page Setup :
    Modifying Page Setup options;
    Inserting an image into the header and footer;
    Working with manual page break;

    Keyboard shortcuts
Prerequisites & Certificates

Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT Beginner

Certificates offered

Certificate of completion

Cancellation Policy
All registration cancellations made within five (5) working days of the date of the course are billable at 100%. Synesis reserves the right to cancel any public courses due to lack of sufficient participants.
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It was wonderful! I highly recommended it to my co-workers and some of them are actually gonna go! Congratulations! Great experience!
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