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This course provides competency in working with organizational tools and advanced features such as mail formatting, signatures and advanced information management tools including mail merge.

Course Outline
Outlook 2003 Intermediate

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  SECTION 1: Advanced Organizational Tools Lesson 1.1

Managing Folders
Creating, Naming, Renaming, and Deleting Folders
About Folder Types
About Folder Views

Lesson 1.2 Mail Management Tools
Using the Rules and Alerts Wizard
Using the Organize Pane
Configuring Junk E-Mail Options
Applying Blocked and Safe Senders Lists
Lesson 1.3 Search Folders
Creating Search Folders
Customizing Search Folders
Using Search Folders
About Favourite Folders
Lesson 1.4 Finding Items in Outlook
Using Find in the Tools Menu
Using Basic Search
Using Advanced Find
Finding Contacts
  SECTION 2: Advanced E-Mail Features Lesson 2.1 Mail Formatting
Features When Using Word as the E-Mail Editor
Using the Outlook E-Mail Editor
About Plain Text
About Rich Text
About Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)
Lesson 2.2 Signatures
Setting Signature Options
Creating a Signature
Using Signatures
Lesson 2.3  Printing an E-Mail Message
Using Print Preview
About Print Styles
Printing a Selection
  SECTION 3: E-Mail Account Types Lesson 3.1  E-Mail Accounts Overview
Setting Up Your E-Mail Account
Overview of E-Mail Account Types
Setting Send/Receive Options
Lesson 3.2  Microsoft Exchange Server
Setting up an Exchange Mailbox
How an Exchange Mailbox Looks
How an Exchange Mailbox Works
Extra Features Available on Exchange
Lesson 3.3  POP3
Setting up a POP3 Mailbox
How a POP3 Account Looks
How a POP3 Account Works
Additional Features
Lesson 3.4  IMAP
Setting up an IMAP Mailbox
How an IMAP Mailbox Looks
How an IMAP Mailbox Works
Additional Features Lesson 3.5 HTTP
Setting up an HTTP Mailbox
How an HTTP Account Looks
How an HTTP Account Works
Additional Features
  SECTION 4: Advanced Information Management Lesson 4.1  Advanced Calendar Options
Recurring Calendar Appointments
Meeting Options
Adding Holidays to Your Calendar
Lesson 4.2  Advanced Task Options
Recurring Tasks
Assigning Tasks
Lesson 4.3  Using Categories
Assigning a Category to an Item
Creating Custom Categories
Using Categories in a View
Lesson 4.4  Using Views
Using the Views List in the Navigation Pane
Using Column Headers
Using Arrange By in the Views Menu
Using Current View in the Views Menus
Lesson 4.5  Linking Items
Linking a Calendar Item to a Contact
Linking a Task Item to a Contact
Linking a Mail Item to a Contact
Linking a Contact to Another Contact
Using the Activities Tab
Using the Journal to Track Items
Lesson 4.6  Mail Merge
Starting Mail Merge From Outlook
Starting Mail Merge From Word
Prerequisites & Certificates

Outlook Basic - Level 1 or equivalent knowledge.

Certificates offered

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