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Are you or your sales team worried that while you may currently be doing well, but your future prospects are not so certain?Do want to have an "edge" over the competition?When you look at your own skills or the skills of your of your sales team...

Course Outline

  • Are you or your sales team worried that while you may currently be doing well, but your future prospects are not so certain?
  • Do want to have an "edge" over the competition?
  • When you look at your own skills or the skills of your sales team do you feel you're still "leaving good money on the table"?
  • Do you feel you have the potential to be doing better then you currently are?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions we may be able to help.

About the KICK START Sales Training Program

This program is designed as a stand alone 10 week program. In it we place most of our emphasis on "anchoring" the most frequently used selling techniques encountered no matter what you are selling. We focus on developing your skills to get the first appointment and close the sale!

The program consists of 2 hours of interactive group training each week using adult learning principles and will include role plays.

In addition to in-class training participants are also eligible for up to 1 hour of one-on-one coaching per week, by phone, email or in person.

What you will learn

In this program you will learn how to use the Sandler Selling System, which will teach you the following:

  • How not to waste your time qualifying new prospects.
  • Questioning techniques that help you to really understand your prospects needs.
  • How not to sound like a "typical sales person".
  • How to set the "terms of engagement" right at the beginning of the sales process. This way there is no "mutual mystification" between you and the prospect.
  • How to have the right "stance" not "arrogance".
  • How to use Sandler's "Negative Reverse Selling" techniques.
  • How to avoid engaging in "free consulting".
  • How to talk comfortably about "money matters" and not to give away margin.
  • How to understand the prospects decision-making process.

Course materials

  • 16 CD's and accompanying workbooks
  • All course material on 1 compact Audio CD
  • A comprehensive extended DISC Assessment that will be used to create self awareness and will be used as a coaching tool.
  • The book by David Sandler entitled "You Can't Teach a Child to Ride a Bicycle at a Seminar".
  • Up to 10 hours of coaching as well as 20 hours of inter-active experiential classroom training by Sandler trained coaches.

RIBO CE Credits Available Please note that the KICK START PROGRAM is eligible for Personal Skills CE Credit.

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