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Students will gain an understanding of the hierarchical concepts of IMS; the IMS database structures & their impact on programs; the process of defining database structures; database access & update methods; methods of validating database access & update

Course Outline
Students will gain an understanding of the hierarchical concepts of IMS; the IMS database structures and their impact on programs; the process of defining database structures; database access and update methods; methods of validating database access and updates; and, commonly used command codes.

At the completion of this course, the student will be able to:
• Understand the basic IMS components (DBD and PSB)
• Be able to code batch IMS programs the read, insert, update and delete IMS databases
• Code all required programs such as calls, entry, SSAs (qualified and unqualified) and PCBs in the linkage section
• Understand how to work within a hierarchical structure
• Understand and utilize command codes including path calls

• Database Definition
• Program Specification Block
• CALL Statement and its Parameters
• Linkage Section of a COBOL Program
• RETRIEVE Functions (GU, GN, GNP)

Programmers responsible for writing application programs which will access IMS databases.

Course Outline
I. Introduction to IMS Concepts
A. File structures
B. Hierarchial concepts
3. Sequence field
4. Search key
5. Parent
6. Child
7. Root segment
8. Database record
9. Twins
10. Maximums

II. Basic Database Definition
A. The purpose
B. Components
C. DBD statement
D. DATASET statement
E. SEGM statement
F. FIELD statement
G. Other optional statements
1. LCHILD statement
2. XDFLD statement
H. Other required statements
1. DBDGEN statement
2. FINISH statement
3. END statement

III. Program Specific Block
A. The purpose
B. Application views
C. Control statements
D. PCB statement
E. SENSEG statement
F. SENFLD statement
G. PSBGEN statement

IV. Program Components
A. IMS and the program
B. IMS interface
C. Program setup overview
D. Program communication blocks
E. ENTRY statement
F. CALL statement

V. Get Calls

VI. Update Calls
A. Insert
B. Replace
C. Delete

VII. JCL Considerations
A. Compilation JCL
B. Execution JCL

VIII. IMS Workshop
A. IMS workshop
1. Client
2. Consultant
3. Problem
4. Solution
B. Procedures
C. Database description
D. Useful Copy Book members
Prerequisites & Certificates

Experience with a high level programming language such as COBOL, PL/1 or C. Experience with TSO/ISPF. Experience with program compilation procedures.

Certificates offered

Certificate of completion

Cancellation Policy
10 Day cancellation required for all courses in order to get a full refund.
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I took the training remotely so I cannot comment on some of the questions. I think that this seminar has too much content to squeeze it into one week.... might be better as a two week course?
Reviewed by 2013
found the material very helpful - although there was a lot of material covered - the pace was well set. Would definitely recommend people to have explored Microsoft Access beforehand to be familiarized with the program before taking the course. I would imagine someone without any exposure would find it confusing. Environment really good - people very, very nice and helpful. Would definitely take the next level of access with the same training facility.
Reviewed by 2013
I was not in the physical classroom. Feedback centered around online training would be good because now I have to rate items that I was not present for. Those items are getting half a star because I was not there to rate them. The course material must go through an editing process. There are a lot of grammar mistakes, but also a lot of actual procedure/activity mistakes.
Reviewed by 2012

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