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Based on the Golden Rule Paradigm™, Marston's DiSC® Theory, & the Collaborative Culture Philosophy™. You will leave with an action plan to help you communicate more effectively with at least one individual you are having difficulty communicating with.

Course Outline
Communicating Up, Down & Across the Organization Overview Ken Blanchard, author of the best selling book, One Minute Manager believes that "Communication is the breakfast of champions". According to Harvard Professor Daniel Goleman most Fortune 500 Companies surveyed believe "Emotional Intelligence" is now even more important than I.Q. Good communication skills are the leadership trait organizations value most in managers, supervisors and front-line personnel.

The key to communicating effectively is understanding your own communication and listening style and that of others and then having the ability to modify your style to be better understood. This workshop is based on the Golden Rule Paradigm™, Marston's DiSC® Theory, and the Collaborative Culture Philosophy™. You will leave this workshop with a specific action plan guaranteed to help you communicate more effectively with at least one individual you are having difficulty communicating with.

“The most important concept I gained during the workshop was how to understand others which will help me establish better client/broker relations.”

~Sherri Doig, R.H. Johnson Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Who Should Attend Would having the ability to build instant rapport with associates and clients be of value to you? Do you a manager, supervisor or team leader want to increase your leadership capability? Do you want to learn how to communicate more effectively with customers and employees? Are you looking to ease frustration and reduce conflict in the workplace? Do you want to be better understood up, down, and across the organization? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then this workshop is for you!

Learning Objectives:
  • Define the communication process and identify and overcome barriers.
  • Understand your communication and listening style and how that impacts others.
  • Enhance your effectiveness in accomplishing tasks by improving relationships.
  • Increase your appreciation of different communicating and listening work-styles.
  • Demonstrate the use of active listening skills in oral communication.
  • Foster teamwork.
  • Learn to better understand, respect, appreciate, and value differences.
  • Reduce stress and conflict in both your professional and personal lives.
  • Develop questioning skills to gather and clarify information.
  • Learn to be better understood.
Workshop Agenda:
  • Self Assessment; Understanding Your Communication & Listening Style.
  • Understanding Behaviour & How it Impacts the Communication Process.
  • Learning to Recognize Different Communication & Listening Styles.
  • The Art of Communicating.
  • Active Listening.
  • Review & Formulate Your Personal Action Plan.

Prerequisites & Certificates

Certificates offered

You will get a workbook, handouts, DiSC® Profile & refreshments. RIBO & CAIFA Accredited Training Management Credits = 7.5 hrs

Cancellation Policy
100% refund if participants cancel 2-weeks in advance of the workshop. Cancellations less than 2-weeks before receive a credit to attend another scheduled workshop of their choosing.
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