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Provides competency in validating data, creating and modifying list ranges, sorting database and using database functions. Advanced Filter, Automatic Subtotal, PivotTables and Charts. Performing what-if analyses and working with scenarios.

Course Outline
Provides competency in validating data, creating and modifying list ranges, sorting database and using database functions. Advanced Filter,  Automatic Subtotal, PivotTables and Charts. Performing what-if analyses.

Course Outline SECTION 1: Getting The Most From Your Data Lesson 1.1    
Outlining And Grouping Your Data
Using Automatic Outlining
Displaying And Collapsing Levels
Grouping Data Manually
Creating Subtotals
Lesson 1.2    
Pivot Tables
What Is A Pivot Table?
Creating A Pivot Table Frame
Specifying Data In A Pivot Tables
Rearranging Pivot Table Data
Lesson 1.3    
More On Pivot Tables
Modifying Pivot Table Calculations
Formatting A Pivot Table   
Refreshing A Pivot Table   
Charting A Pivot Table       
Creating A Pivot Table Based On Data From An External Database  
Lesson 1.4    
Exploring Scenarios
What Is A Scenario?
Creating A Scenario
Creating A Scenario Summary Report    
Saving Multiple Scenarios 
Lesson 1.5    
What If Analysis
Using A One And Two Input Data Table   
Using Goal Seek     
Using Solver

SECTION 2: Excel And The Internet Lesson 2.1    
Excel And Hyperlinks
Hyperlinks And The Internet
Inserting Hyperlinks
Modifying Hyperlinks
Using The Web Toolbar
Browsing Hyperlinks In Excel
Lesson 2.2    
Excel Workbooks As Web Pages
Interactive And Non-Interactive Web Pages
Saving A Workbook As A Web Page
Saving A Worksheet As A Web Page
Saving A Chart As A Web Page
Saving A Range As A Web Page
Lesson 2.3     
Getting Data From The Internet
Importing From An External Data Source
Creating A Web Query
Saving A Web Query
Refreshing A Web Query
SECTION 3: Advanced Excel Tasks Lesson 3.1     
Creating And Using Shared Workbooks
Sharing A Workbook
Requesting Reviews
Reviewing A Workbook
Tracking Changes
Merging And Revising A Shared Workbook
Lesson 3.2     
Visual Basic And Macros
Adding Code To Your Macro
Adding Comments To VBA Code
Declaring Variables
Prompting For User Input
Iteration Over A Range
Using If Then Else Statements
Lesson 3.3     
Advanced File Management
Identifying File Properties
Searching For Files
Protecting Personal Information
Creating Back Up Files
Changing Auto-Recovery Settings
Lesson 3.4     
Excel Security
Digital Signatures
Macro Security
Protecting Your Workbook With A Password
Lesson 3.5     
Custom And Advanced Features In Excel
Customizing Excel By Changing Options
Using Custom Auto-Fill Lists
What Is Text To Speech?
Using Detect And Repair
Prerequisites & Certificates

Excel Intermediate Level

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