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Learn what makes a high performing team member & how to develop MORE of them. Solutions will show how to increase engagement in your team. Explore behavior & how understanding other's behavior and having a common language can build a cohesive team.

Course Outline
This program is designed to help you improve your leadership skills and get people to "willingly do the things you want them to do". During the seminar, we will discuss what creates a high performing team member and how to develop MORE of them. Solutions will be offered as to how we can increase engagement in your team. We will also explore people's behavior, and how understanding other's behavior and having a common language can build a cohesive team. Understand resistance to change and the hidden reasons people behave the way they do. Whether you've been a manager or supervisor for years or are new to the roll, this program is packed with fresh ideas and time tested principles that will make your job easier.

Who should attend: Business owners, Managers, Supervisors, and Managers of
Multiple Locations

20 ways you will benefit from this powerful, two day program: You will learn:
  • Why bosses turn people off- and why leaders turn people on
  • The secrets of today's most successful leaders
  • How to build "Synergy"
  • How to lead your people effectively through transition and change
  • How to be more effective managing projects objectives and timelines
  • How to uncover and use your unique leadership style
  • How to add value in the eyes of your boss
  • How to get more done and squeeze more time out of your day
  • Why people under-perform
  • How to effectively lead former peers, friends and people who think they should have gotten the job
  • How to give on-target directions and clear expectations
  • How to hire more effectively
  • How to get your employees to take initiative
  • How to give meaningful, fair performance reviews
  • How to give constructive feedback without deflating morale
  • How to communicate so that you reduce confusion and increase understanding
  • How to spend less time on people problems
  • Handle excuse-makers and blamers
  • Get people to keep their word
  • Learn the formula that will hold people accountable once and for all
  • The most common complaint of managers today is that they spend the majority of their day on people issues and doing things themselves instead of what they thought the job of a manager was. This program will allow you to go back to work and get things done!

    BONUS You will receive a personality profile that has been used by over 40 million people to gain greater insight into themselves and others.

    Get specific strategies for:
    • Hiring and keeping good people
    • Interviewing tips for choosing candidates who will work to achieve the organization's goals and exceeding quality performance
    • Know how much work to delegate and whether your staff is ready for it
    • Give clear directions that ensure things get done
    • How to use a system to tell your boss when too much has been piled on you
    • Being assertive, not passive or aggressive
    • Increasing sales/customer service
    • Manage your team your boss and your co-workers more effectively
    • Fostering teamwork
    • Getting what you want
    What people are saying about the seminar:
    "The information is practical, adaptable to my circumstances and delivered effectively."
    Supervisor, City of Vancouver

    "I have learned a lot of different information that will be useful with my daily management skills. This course exceeded my expectations. I learned a lot."
    Jennifer Brown, Stores Manager

    "I'll be able to take this back and institute a system very clear and concise."
    B. Drake, Branch Manager

    "A good two days of insight on myself and others and I was kept entertained!!"
    G. Nolan, Stores Manager

    "Very articulate & informative. Bruce's presentation style of including scenarios and actual examples was excellent."
    D. Spyrka, Investigator
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    Includes: course manual, certificate of completion, coffee, continental breakfast, lunch and snacks provided.

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