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Avoid common hiring mistakes. You no longer need to rely on intuition to evaluate the best candidate for the job. Through role-playing exercises, you have an opportunity to develop skills for conducting effective, behaviour-focused interviews.

Course Outline
Avoid Common Hiring Mistakes - For A Better Bottom Line   You no longer need to rely on intuition to evaluate the best candidate for the job.
Through role-playing exercises, you have an opportunity to develop skills for conducting effective, behaviour-focused interviews.

How You Will Benefit 
  • Learn how to hire the best candidates to create a highly competent workforce  
  • Reduce turnover and costs of new hires  
  • Decrease your company's recruitment costs  
What You Will Cover 
  • Use job descriptions to develop behaviour-focused interview questions  
  • Increase the effectiveness of the selection process  
  • Create an interview structure that supports behaviour-based questions  
  • Ask the 'right' questions and assessing the candidate's responses  
  • Use note-taking during the interview  
  • Overcome interview obstacles  
  • Human rights legislation 
 Who Should Attend  
  • HR managers and recruiters  
  • Managers and professionals involved in the recruitment process
Course Outline  Objectives 
  • Differentiating behavioural interviewing from other forms of interviewing  
  • Understanding the essentials of interview planning: job specifications/competencies;  pre-screening; establishing “knock-out” criteria; Selection Board etiquette; and coordinating multiple interviews  
  • Formulating behavioural questions  
  • Probing for behavioural information 
  • Maintaining candidate self-esteem 
  • Respecting a candidate’s human rights throughout the selection process 
  • After the workshop, you will be able to:
  • Plan, structure and conduct a behavioural interview
  • Define and communicate specific job requirements/competencies for use as employment selection criteria
  • Conduct an interview consistent with Canadian Human Rights legislation
  • Make more informed hiring recommendations/decisions 
The Structure of the Behavioural Interview 
  • Review the most common interviewing formats and discuss why behavioural interviewing is rapidly becoming the most dominant interview format 
  • Use the six-step interview outline, and discuss and identify the key elements of each step 
  • Use the interview flow model, identify the proper sequencing of questions and learn how to formulate behavioural questions 
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using behavioural interviewing techniques 
  • Using a candidate statement exercise, practice identifying several types of candidate responses 
Preparing and Conducting the Interview  
  • Examine the Do’s and Don’ts of seeking behaviour in the interview 
  • Discuss the importance of maintaining candidate self-esteem and review several techniques 
  • Discuss the importance of effective note taking in the interview and review several techniques 
  • Review a sample checklist of job specifications  
  • Examine the relationship between job competencies and behavioural interviewing 
  • Review the key components for evaluating a candidate’s behavioural information 
Understanding and Managing Personal Bias  
  • Examine a number of stated reasons for rejection and identify those that would be  problematic for you 
  • Review the most common problems and errors in conducting an interview and identify those to which you need to pay special attention
Exercise for Fine-Tuning Your Skills 
  • Practice identifying five different types of questions by completing the Behavioural Question Exercise 
  • Practice identifying the three discrete components of a behavioural statement by  completing the Behavioural Statement Exercise  
Practice Makes Perfect-Videotaping Exercises 
  • Working in a small group, have the opportunity to plan and conduct a short videotaped behavioural interview  
  • In support of the overall learning objectives, receive constructive feedback from an observer and from the course leader
Material You Will Receive at the Seminar You will receive a workbook that captures the essential information taught at the seminar with plenty of space to take notes in. You'll also receive updated materials that serve as quick references back at the office.

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This is not a negotiations seminar, but rather training on the 4 personality types. Course did not run full day, as written. Very disappointed. I would be happy with a full refund.
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Very excellent motivated presenter, i would be interested in any other sessions that Nellie does for you.
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I have already recommended both the course I took and the facility to colleagues.
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The content didn't fit the seminar description and it was very basic. it was a basic fundamentals which all PMP certified already know, I think the course needs improvement to be more pactical and useful.
Reviewed by 2013
This course was ended at 3:30pm, which was much earlier that what it should be. This is beacuse of one of participants ask for leaving early. That gave me some sense of the service quality of this vendor.
Reviewed by 2013
Well thought, good material, presented in a good & easy to understand manner.
Reviewed by 2013
Great course. Very practical. I learned lots of tools that I can practice in my daily life, both professionally and personally.
Reviewed by 2013
Room was far too small
Reviewed by 2012
I intentionally selected excellent for every question above as a sincerely believe the course was that good and Marilyn performed superbly.
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