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In this exciting Advanced Excel course, you'll learn to use multi-page workbooks with confidence and ease, distribute your workbooks to others knowing your data canít be changed or deleted; perform consolidations and analyze your data in no time.

Course Outline

This is an 8-hour  hands-on, instructor-led course, presented as two, 4-hour sessions.

Take your knowledge of Excel to the next level!  In this course you’ll learn to create and use multi-page workbooks where you can perform consolidations, analyze sales results, expenses, and so on.  You’ll be able to distribute your workbooks to other users and be confident your important information can’t be damaged or deleted. 

Topics covered in this course include: 

  • creating and working with multi-page spreadsheets 
  • using named ranges 
  • protecting spreadsheets and workbooks
  • database features of the programme (sorting, filtering, extracting)
  • database functions (dsum, dmax, etc.)
  • using pivot tables to analyze large amounts of data 
  • using consolidation 
  • if time permits:  if statements, vertical lookup tables

Prerequisites & Certificates

Good working knowledge of basic Excel features, including functions such as sum, average, max, min. Ability to copy, cut, paste, change column width and format cells without hesitation.

Certificates offered

Participants will receive: - a manual - files used during the classes - a certificate of completion Fee includes 6 months of free telephone or e-mail support on topics covered during the course.

Cancellation Policy

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