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Level 2 of Excel 2007. In this course, participants will be working with: multiple sheets; Excel fundamentals; charting including; database features; and much more.

Course Outline
Level 2 of Excel 2007...
  • Working with multiple sheets including:
    • Creating multiple sheets
    • Moving between sheets
    • Naming your sheets
    • Inserting and deleting sheets
    • Creating formulas between sheets
    • Group mode
  • More Excel fundamentals including:
    • Making use of Paste Special
    • Using range names to streamline your work
    • Headers and footers
    • Printing all or portions of the spreadsheet
  • Charting including:
    • Planning and selecting the type of chart
    • Specifying the X-axis and data ranges
    • Setting the options for your chart
    • Changing the chart type
    • Adding a legend
    • Naming and printing your chart
    • Using graphic objects to enhance your chart
  • Database features including:
    • Sorting your information
    • Summing totals
    • Filtering your data with Auto filter
    • Filtering your data with Advanced options
    • Using a form
    • Creating calculations with the database functions

Prerequisites & Certificates

Excel 2007 Introduction

Certificates offered

Included will all courses are course notes, a pad for note taking and telephone support following the class. Participants will receive a Certificate of completion

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C L Douglas
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disappointed that Pivot tables were not taught - this topic was I believe , supposed to be covered
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Reviewed by 2013

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