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This course covers the principles of Quality Control in the engineering & manufacturing field. Students will become familiar with various measuring instruments & with ISO-ANSI standards through practical activities & techniques. Real industry drawings...

Course Outline
This course covers the principles of Quality Control in the engineering and manufacturing field. Students will become familiar with various measuring instruments and with ISO-ANSI standards through practical activities and techniques. Real industry drawings, mechanical parts and consumer products will be used to check the accuracy and functionality of components.

Who should attend: CNC Machinists, Industrial Designers, Technologists, or any person who wants to learn about measuring instruments and Standards.

What will you learn? Upon completion of this course you will be able to:
  • Convert from the Imperial to the Metric system and vice versa
  • Understand ANSI-ISO Standards
  • Apply the concepts related to Geometric Tolerancing and Dimensioning (GT&T).
  • Interpret the various views and representation of an object and compare with the component to be measured for quality assurance.
  • Measures parts accurately and achieve results for statistical analysis and decision making.
  • Apply mathematical techniques to evaluate costs based on qualitative and quantitative data.
Course Outline 1. Introduction to measurement systems
a. English (Imperial) and Metric measurement systems
b. General terminology
c. Origins of measuring systems
d. Conversion between systems
e. Introduction to measuring tools

2. External measurements
a. Rules and calipers
b. Vernier calipers (basic, dial, digital)
c. Micrometers (basic, dial, digital)

3. Reference tools
a. Surface board
b. Blocks (angle blocks, 123 blocks, V-blocks)
c. Height gauge
d. Dial Indicator (introduction)

4. Internal measurement
a. Telescoping gauges
b. Boring gauges
c. Plug gauges (Go/No-go gauges)

5. Angle measurements
a. Protractor
b. Gage Blocks
c. Sign Bar

6. Measuring Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
a. Tolerances and parts fitting.
b. Dial Indicator and its applications for GD & T

7. Visual and Surface measurement
a. Optical Comparator (Shadowgraph)
a. Surface finishing template
b. Surface Indicator

8. Measurement of Threads
a. Thread Pitch micrometer
b. 3-wire method
c. Thread plug gauge and thread snap gauge

9. Hardness testers
a. Hardness concept
b. Types of hardness tester

10. Standards
a. ISO - ANSI Standard
b. ISO Certification
c. Group exercises for Standards implementation

School overview Leonardo College of Design is registered as a Private Career College under the "Private Career Colleges Act, 2005". We are specialized in CAD (Computer Aided Design) and Web Design & Development. Our highly qualified instructors use effective hands-on training methods. Our goal is to prepare students for challenging and creative new careers in a relatively short period of time. We offer latest equipment and software, small classes, handouts, one Desktop per student and free parking.
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- If you withdraw later than 3 classes from the course start date you will not receive a refund.
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