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Microsoft Word 2007 Intermediate provides competency in Managing your Documents, Using My Computer within Word, Saving your Files, Finishing your Files, Viewing your Files, Making Word Work Backwards, Using Formatting Tools, Working with Templates & more

Course Outline
Microsoft Word 2007 Intermediate provides competency in Managing your Documents, Using My Computer within Word, Saving your Files, Finishing your Files, Viewing your Files, Making Word Work Backwards, Using Formatting Tools, Working with Templates, Using Bullets and Numbering, Using the Paragraph Dialogue, Using Deliniation Tools, Working with Pages, Adding Hyperlinks, Creating Headers and Footers, Creating Basic Headers and Footers, Using the Header and Footer Tools Design Ribbon, Inserting Page Numbers, Doing More with Headers and Footers, Using Time Saving Tools, Using Language Tools, Using Research Tools, Inserting Pre-Defined Text, Using Smart Tags, Finishing your Document, Making your Document Consistent, Using the Mail Merge Wizard, Performing a Manual Mail Merge, Sending a Document Electronically

Course Outline Managing Your Documents
Using My Computer Within Word          
Navigating With My Computer           
Performing Basic Tasks With My Computer   
Changing Views With My Computer  
Using The My Places Toolbar     

Saving Your Files  
Using File Formats
Publishing to PDF or XPS  
Setting File Passwords      
Using Auto Recovery        

Finishing Your Files
Using File Properties          
Running the Document Inspector
Marking a Document as Final
Encrypting Files
Digitally Signing Files

Viewing Your Files

Opening A Copy Of Your Document
Arranging Windows         
Comparing Documents Side-By-Side  
Splitting A Document     
Resetting Window Position

Making Word Work Backwards
Setting Compatibility Options
Saving in Word 97-2003 Format
Using the Compatibility Checker
Opening a Word 97-2003 Document
Compatibility Packs for Word 2003

Formatting Tools  
Working With Templates  
Creating a Template
Creating Your Document with a Wizard      
Saving a Template          
Opening a User-Created Template
Using Templates
Attaching A Template To A Document       
About Global Templates

Using Bullets and Numbering    
Types of Lists           
Creating a Bulleted Or Numbered List
Creating a Multilevel List
Using the Indent Commands   
Modifying a Bulleted Or Numbered List         
Restarting or Continuing A Bulleted Or Numbered List    
Removing Bullets or Numbers from Text        

Using Paragraph Tools                 
Applying Alignment        
Applying Indentation     
Applying Spacing
Setting Defaults    
Sorting Text

Using Delineation Tools    
Inserting Page Breaks
Inserting a Section Break          
Inserting a Line Break      
Using Page and Line Break Options
Using Columns                     

Working with Pages
Creating a Blank Page
Changing the Page Color
Adding a Page Background
Adding a Page Border
Adding a Cover Page

Adding Links
Types of Hyperlinks
Inserting a Hyperlink        
Editing a Hyperlink
Following a Hyperlink
Removing a Hyperlink

Creating Headers and Footers Creating Basic Headers And Footers   
About Headers and Footers
Creating a Preset Header or Footer   
Editing a Header or Footer
Removing a Header or Footer
Adding a Header or Footer to the Selection Gallery
Navigating Through Headers and Footers

The Header and Footer Design Tools Ribbon
Header and Footer

Inserting Page Numbers
Inserting Page Numbers
Changing Page Numbers
Editing Page Numbers
Formatting Page Numbers
Removing Page Numbers

Doing More with Headers and Footers
Aligning Text
Adding Graphics
Inserting the Date and Time
Changing the Position of Headers and Footers      

Using Time Saving Tools Using Language Tools     
Setting Your Language
Checking Your Spelling and Grammar          
Using the Spelling and Grammar Context Menu   
Setting Spelling and Grammar Options        
Using Word Count

Using Research Tools
Using and Customizing Autocorrect  
Using the Research Pane           
Using the Thesaurus         
Translating a Document

Inserting Pre-Defined Text           
Inserting AutoText           
Customizing AutoText    
Inserting The Date And Time    
Inserting a Symbol
Inserting Special Characters    
Adding a Signature Line

Using Smart Tags
Enabling Smart Tags
Types of Smart Tags
Making Smart Tags Appear
Using Smart Tags              

Finishing Your Document Making Your Document Consistent     
Using Themes         
Using Color Schemes
Using Font Schemes
Using Effects

Mail Merge Using The Wizard    
Selecting a Document Type     
Selecting a Starting Document
Selecting Recipients
Creating Your Document
Previewing Your Document
Completing the Merge
What Now?

Manual Mail Merge         
Using The Mailings Ribbon          
Navigating Through Records
Using Fields  
Using Rules  
Checking for Errors           

E-Mailing Your Files          
Faxing a Document
E-Mailing A Document As An Attachment
E-Mailing A Document As a PDF Attachment        
Using E-Mail Feature
Prerequisites & Certificates

Word 2007 Beginner Level

Certificates offered

Includes: Refreshment breaks, Lunch, Course binder, Certificate of completion

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations less than 2 business weeks before the expected delivery date are eligible for a 50% refund, or a credit voucher will be provided for regularly scheduled courses (choice being that of the registrant). Credit Vouchers are transferable within the same company. Please send your cancellation notice to info@itplanit.com.
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This course was very, very interesting due to the instructor. He was simple, gave good examples and made a few jokes. Also, being only 5 participants was a bonus for us as we were able to share our experiences in a timely manner.
Reviewed by 2016
I think there is too much material to cover in one session. It's a lot of information to absorb all at once.
Reviewed by 2013
The only thing I would add...if you know you don't have many participants, hands on practice would be great. I would like to have had more time applying what i learned in a diagram. Once I got back to my office...i didn't know how to move a shape and associated text together. I also would like to know where I can see all the shapes offered by visio instead of searching for the shape and not knowing what to call it?
Reviewed by 2013
The instructor was excellent. I was pleasantly surprised by how interesting she made a potentially dry subject appear. Non-stop, great snacks provided all day from ham/egg bagels for breakfast, muffins, Valentines chocolate, chips, popcorn, gumball machine, coffee, juices etc etc. Perfect location for me as it was 2 blocks from my office.
Reviewed by 2013
I had no problem with the instructor's technigues, methods or delivery of the course material. He made what was otherwise fairly dry material as interesting as he possible and augmented it with practical examples that the class could relate to. The training facility and staff were also comendable, however what can't be overlooked is the IT infrastructure. During the exam the problems with latency were so bad that it affected my ability to concentrate on the material. Prior to the exam I completed 2 practice exams on paper in 35 & 37 minutes respectively. Doing the exam online it took over 1.5 hrs because it would take between 30 & 60 sec to refresh the page and show the next question. At times when I attempted to go back and review quesgtions I had marked I found my original answer wasn't recorded & I'd have to answer the question a second time. By the end of 70 min I was so digruntled I couldn't wait to finish regardless of the end result. It may not seem fair to evaluate the favility in this manner, but as a student the outcome is the ultimate measurement of a training favility.
Reviewed by 2013
A very interesting course. Claude Gerin, our instructor, was excellent in making this a very interesting and learning experience. THANKS!
Reviewed by 2012

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