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Upon completion, students will: Understand what Excel is used for, Use the ‘Help’ function, Use the toolbar, Manage files, Use Features, Tools, Modify data, Use Smart Tags, Modify, format & enhance worksheets, Manage charts & data, Manage workbooks.

Course Outline
COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon Completion of this course the students will be able to:
  • Understand what Excel is used for
  • Use the ‘Help’ function
  • Use the toolbar
  • Manage files
  • Use Features, Tools
  • Modify data
  • Use Smart Tags
  • Modify, format and enhance worksheets
  • Manage charts and data
  • Manage workbooks
Getting Started
Starting Out
What is Microsoft Excel 2007?
Opening Microsoft Excel
Interacting with Excel
Closing Excel

About Workbooks
Creating a New Workbook
Opening a Workbook
Saving a Workbook
About Excel File Types
Closing a Workbook

Exploring your Workbook
Using Worksheets
The Active Cell
Selecting Cells
Exploring a Worksheet
The Zoom Feature

Getting Help in Excel 2007
Using the Help Screen
About Online Help
About Offline Help
The New Interface
The Quick Access Toolbar
The Default Buttons
Adding Buttons
Removing Buttons
Customizing the Toolbar
The Home Ribbon
The Insert Ribbon
The Page Layout Ribbon
Page Setup
Scale to Fit
Sheet Options
The Formulas Ribbon
The Function Library
Defined Names
Formula Auditing
The Data Ribbon
Get External Data
Sort and Filter
Data Tools
The Review Ribbon
Excel Basics
Working With Excel 2007
Columns, Rows, Cells, and Ranges
Creating Worksheet Labels
Entering and Deleting Data
Printing Your Worksheet
Basic Excel Features
What is AutoFill?
What is AutoSum?
What is AutoComplete?
Working with Basic Formulas
Moving your Data
Dragging and Dropping Cells
How to Cut, Copy, and Paste Cells
How to Cut, Copy, and Paste Multiple Cells and Items
How to Use Paste Special
How to Insert and Delete Cells, Rows, and Columns
Using Undo, Redo, and Repeat

Smart Tags and Options Buttons
What Are Smart Tags?
The Error Option Button
The AutoFill Option Button
The Paste Option Button
Setting Smart Tag Options
Editing Tools
Using AutoCorrect
Using Spell Check
Using Find and Replace
Adding Comments
Editing Your Workbook
Modifying Cells and Data
Changing the Size of Rows or Columns
Adjusting Cell Alignment
Rotating Text
Creating Custom Number and Date Formats
Cell Formatting
Conditional Formatting
The Format Painter
Cell Merging and AutoFit
Find and Replace Formatting
Enhancing a Worksheet’s Appearance
Adding Patterns and Colors
Adding Borders
Working with Styles
Working With Charts
Creating a Chart
Formatting a Chart
Modifying Charts with the Layout Ribbon
Manipulating a Chart
Enhancing a Chart with Shapes and Graphics
Working with Charts, Part 2
Changing the Type of Chart
Changing the Source Data
Working with the Chart Axis and Data Series
Saving a Chart as a Template
Printing and Viewing your Workbook
Using the View Ribbon
Using Normal View
Using Full Screen View
Using Page Layout View
Page Break Preview
Managing a Single Window
Creating a New Window
Hiding a Window
Unhiding a Window
Freezing a Pane

Managing Multiple Windows
Switching Between Open Workbooks
Arranging Workbooks
Comparing Workbooks Side by Side
Synchronous Scrolling, Resetting a Window, and Saving a Workspace
Printing your Workbook
Opening Print Preview
Using the Print Preview Ribbon
Quick Printing
The Print Dialogue
Using Page Setup
Working with Functions and Formulas
Using Formulas in Excel
Understanding Relative and Absolute Cell References
Basic Mathematical Operators
Using Formulas with Multiple Cell References
The Formula Auditing Buttons
Fixing Formula Errors
Displaying and Printing Formulas
Exploring Excel Functions
What are Functions?
Finding the Right Function
Some Useful and Simple Functions
Using Functions in Excel
Inserting Functions
Using Functions and AutoFill to Perform Difficult Calculations
Using the IF Function
Working with Nested Functions
Working with Names and Ranges
What Are Range Names?
Defining and Using Range Names
Selecting Nonadjacent Ranges
Using AutoCalculate
Working with Array Formulas
What are Array Formulas?
Using Basic Array Formulas
Using Functions with Array Formulas
Using the IF function in Array Formulas
Managing Tables
Working with Tables
What is a Table?
Creating Tables
Modifying Tables
What is the Total Row?
Working with Records and Fields
What are Records and Fields?
Adding Fields by Inserting Columns
Adding Records by Inserting Rows
Quickly Adding Records to a Data Table
Deleting Records or Fields
Working with Tables and Filters
Sorting Data in a Table
What is an AutoFilter?
Custom AutoFilters
Using an Advanced Filter
Copying Filtered Records
Using Excel as a Database
Filtering with Wildcard Characters
Validating Your Data
What are Database Functions?
Enhancing your Workbook
Customizing your Workbook
Inserting a Symbol or Special Character
Adding and Editing Shapes
Creating and Altering Diagrams
Changing the Diagram Type
Incorporating Text
Adding a Signature Line
Working with Text Boxes
Adding a Text Box
Selecting a Text Box
Manipulating a Text Box
Formatting a Text Box
Adding WordArt to your Spreadsheet
Changing the Font Color
Changing the Outline Color
Adding Effects
Finding ClipArt
Inserting ClipArt
Manipulating ClipArt
Inserting a Photographic Image
Using Objects
Creating New Embedded Objects
Embedding Existing Files
Editing Embedded Objects
Embedding Parts of Files
Finalizing Your Workbook
Protecting your Workbook
Protecting your Workbook
Protecting your Worksheets
Unlocking Cells
Protecting your Excel Files
Finishing Your Workbook
Using the Document Inspector
Using the Compatibility Checker
Marking a Workbook as Final
Using Excel in Word
Inserting Excel Data in Word
Linking Excel Data in a Word Document
Modifying Excel Data after Insertion
Insert an Excel Chart into a Word Document

Using Excel and Access
Linking an Excel Workbook to an Access Database
Importing Table, PivotTable, and PivotChart Data from Access
Transforming an Excel Workbook into an Access Database
Using Excel With other Programs and Files
Using Outlook to Send Excel Data
Opening an Excel File in a Different Format
Importing Data from a Text File
Importing Data from External Data Sources
Publishing a Workbook as a PDF File
Faxing a Workbook
Advanced File Tasks
Using My Computer within Excel
Using the My Places Toolbar
Navigating with My Computer
Performing Basic Tasks with My Computer
Changing Views
Saving your Files
File Formats
File Properties
Upgrading a Workbook
Using Templates
Opening a Template
Downloading a Template
Using a Template
Creating a Template
Prerequisites & Certificates

Certificates offered

Certificate of completion

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations less than 2 business weeks before the expected delivery date are eligible for a 50% refund, or a credit voucher will be provided for regularly scheduled courses (choice being that of the registrant). Credit Vouchers are transferable within the same company. Please send your cancellation notice to info@itplanit.com.
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This course was very, very interesting due to the instructor. He was simple, gave good examples and made a few jokes. Also, being only 5 participants was a bonus for us as we were able to share our experiences in a timely manner.
Reviewed by 2016
I think there is too much material to cover in one session. It's a lot of information to absorb all at once.
Reviewed by 2013
The only thing I would add...if you know you don't have many participants, hands on practice would be great. I would like to have had more time applying what i learned in a diagram. Once I got back to my office...i didn't know how to move a shape and associated text together. I also would like to know where I can see all the shapes offered by visio instead of searching for the shape and not knowing what to call it?
Reviewed by 2013
The instructor was excellent. I was pleasantly surprised by how interesting she made a potentially dry subject appear. Non-stop, great snacks provided all day from ham/egg bagels for breakfast, muffins, Valentines chocolate, chips, popcorn, gumball machine, coffee, juices etc etc. Perfect location for me as it was 2 blocks from my office.
Reviewed by 2013
I had no problem with the instructor's technigues, methods or delivery of the course material. He made what was otherwise fairly dry material as interesting as he possible and augmented it with practical examples that the class could relate to. The training facility and staff were also comendable, however what can't be overlooked is the IT infrastructure. During the exam the problems with latency were so bad that it affected my ability to concentrate on the material. Prior to the exam I completed 2 practice exams on paper in 35 & 37 minutes respectively. Doing the exam online it took over 1.5 hrs because it would take between 30 & 60 sec to refresh the page and show the next question. At times when I attempted to go back and review quesgtions I had marked I found my original answer wasn't recorded & I'd have to answer the question a second time. By the end of 70 min I was so digruntled I couldn't wait to finish regardless of the end result. It may not seem fair to evaluate the favility in this manner, but as a student the outcome is the ultimate measurement of a training favility.
Reviewed by 2013
A very interesting course. Claude Gerin, our instructor, was excellent in making this a very interesting and learning experience. THANKS!
Reviewed by 2012

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