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This certification program is designed to take the HEAT out of customer complaints in order to deal effectively with difficult customer situations. It will show you how to build productive long-term relationships, maintain customer loyalty, and more

Course Outline
This certification program is designed to take the HEAT out of customer complaints in order to deal effectively with difficult customer situations. This results-focused skill development program will show you how to build productive long-term relationships, maintain customer loyalty, and put a positive spin on negative situations.

All customers are not created equal, so we must have creative ideas and responses ready for outrageous demands and handling inevitable "Murphy's Law" situations. This interactive workshop is fun, relaxing, enjoyable, and contains easily applicable solutions for service excellence that are proven to work in today's toughest customer service arena - the real world.

The program addresses topics that include understanding customer expectations, profiling difficult customer situations, dealing with customer objections, a model for effective complaint resolution and how to use assertive techniques and positive language to diffuse difficult situations, creating a positive customer experience and creating a win-win situation.

Highlights of what you will learn:

  • What do your customers really want? Here's how to find out...the answers may surprise you
  • Who are your hard-to-please customers? This exercise will help you identify their basic personality traits in order to better understanding their needs
  • Master this 3-step process for swiftly overcoming customer objections and winning them back on your side
  • Handling stress
  • Develop listening and questioning strategies to quickly and accurately help you build a better picture of the customer, the customer's organization and their needs
  • Learn to communicate with different personality styles and transform your customers into team members and allies
  • What works and what doesn€(TM)t for dealing with angry customers
  • Work Style Assessment €" find out how your work personality can be your biggest ally or worst enemy
  • How to see your organization like your customers do and why it€(TM)s critical that you do
  • Deciphering "customer code" and interpreting words, actions and tones more accurately
  • Tactful ways you can say €oeno€ - create satisfaction from dissatisfaction
  • Steps you can take to rebuild customer trust and loyalty
  • Problem resolution
  • And much more€¦

Who Should Attend?
You will benefit from this seminar if you are responsible for ensuring and improving customer satisfaction within a business or organization, especially if you work in:
  • Customer service department
  • Help desk department
  • Contact centre
  • Service and sales
  • Administration
  • Or anyone who works with customers

Bio €- Corey Atkinson, Professional Speaker & Corporate Trainer

Corey is a sharp and seasoned training specialist who exemplifies leadership in all walks of life. As a professional speaker, corporate trainer and consultant, Corey works with clients to enhance their clients€' customer experience and strengthen their service skills. He is energetic, entertaining, but most of all educating - a respected instructor who has a natural ability to connect with all levels of a business - from the CEO to Customer Service Representatives.

With over 10 years of experience in numerous organizations - both for profit and non-profit - Corey has become a recognized professional in customer service and leadership. Participants of workshops facilitated by Corey provide exceptional feedback with comments such as "fun and interactive" and "knowledgeable with meaningful examples".
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Cancellation Policy
Any cancellations received more than 2 weeks prior to event will be refunded in full minus $100.00 administration fee). Cancellations made 1-2 weeks prior to event, will receive 50% refund. Less than 1 week prior to program start, no refund. Replacements are welcome. Note: CSPN has the right to cancel or reschedule its venues due to unforeseen circumstances. If a workshop cancellation occurs, CSPN will refund in full any payments that have been made for that event.
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We have not received any reviews specific to this course as yet, however here are some reviews of the training vendor.

Corey Atkinson was absolutely wonderful to spend the day with. From the moment that we entered the room, he'd set a positive, engaging tone that was maintained and honestly, grew, throughout the day. The training was thorough and spoke directly to the issues that we were hoping to overcome when speaking with Difficult Customers. This course caused us all to stop and think about how we may change, not the customer, and why those changes are integral to being successful in providing good customer service.
Reviewed by 2017
The Instructor involved the entire group through the day. This made the course much more interesting and enjoyable being able to participate regularly. He also added a lot of humour.
Reviewed by 2013
the course was excellent, a good refreshmnet course of hwat is important in customer service. The training provider was excellent and she know how to present the material properly in order for the students to understand.
Reviewed by 2011

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