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Get an introduction to the lifecycle of managing IT services to deliver to business expectations. Using an engaging case study, you'll learn the core disciplines of ITIL best practices. Upon completing this course, you'll be well positioned to successful

  • Course Start Date: Jul. 23
  • Location: Victoria (Map)
  • Time: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm (Note on end times)
  • Please Note: End Times are approximate and depend
    on the number or students and pace of the class.
    It is important to allow for the class to run a little bit longer,
    or finish a little sooner, than expected.
  • Duration: 3 days
    08:30 AM - 05:00 PM
  • Delivery Method(s):Instructor Led
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    that provides you with the quality training that
    you have come to expect, and combines it with
    flexible learning and a self paced environment.
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Course Outline
Learn about process improvements, benefits, and challenges of ITIL, and get your ITIL Foundation certification.

In this exciting and dynamic course, you will get an introduction to the lifecycle of managing IT services to deliver to business expectations. Using an engaging case study, you'll learn the core disciplines of ITIL best practices. Upon completing this course, you'll be well positioned to successfully complete the associated ITIL exam required for entry into the future ITIL intermediate-level training courses.

ITIL covers five core disciplines:

  • Service Strategy
  • Service Design
  • Service Transition
  • Service Operation
  • Continual Service Improvement

These disciplines represent a service lifecycle framework that further enhances alignment to the business while demonstrating business value and ROI and enabling IT to solve specific operational needs.

This course includes handouts and references useful after the class, as well as practice sessions, quizzes, exam strategies, and test-taking tips. The one-hour ITIL Foundation exam will be offered on the last day of class at 3:30 PM.

More than 18,000 students have taken our ITIL Foundation training. We're so confident you'll pass the ITIL Foundation exam, we guarantee your success or your money back. Visit www.globalknowledge.ca/itilguarantee for details.

What You'll Learn
  • Key concepts of ITIL
  • Important principles for improving IT operations
  • Vital processes and functions
  • Practical guidance for applying ITIL to everyday IT situations
  • How to align with business, control costs, and improve IT service quality
  • Strategies to balance IT resources
Who Needs to Attend

Anyone seeking ITIL Foundation certification and everyone interested in aligning IT with business, controlling or reducing IT costs, improving IT service quality, and balancing IT resources in the most effective manner. All IT professionals, IT project managers, IT managers, IT project or team members, coordinators, network operators, business process analysts, IT architects, consultants, systems integrators, help desk managers and staff, planners, managed service providers, outsourcers, application developers, and other IT-related positions.

Follow-On Courses
  • ITIL® Service Lifecycle: Service Strategy
  • ITIL® Service Lifecycle: Service Design
  • ITIL® Service Lifecycle: Service Transition
  • ITIL® Service Lifecycle: Service Operation
  • ITIL® Service Lifecycle: Continual Service Improvement
  • ITIL® Service Capability: Planning, Protection, and Optimization
  • ITIL® Service Capability: Service Offerings and Agreements
  • ITIL® Service Capability: Release, Control, and Validation
  • ITIL® Service Capability: Operational Support and Analysis
Certification Programs and Certificate Tracks

This course is part of the following programs or tracks:

  • ITIL® Certifications
Why Global Knowledge?
Emphasis on Practicing, Not Preaching

Our courses maximize learning through intensive, hands-on exercises. Our experiential design puts theory into practice and dramatically improves your learning experience, professional development, and retention. It is the difference between memorizing facts and building competency. We use more challenging scenarios and offer greater detail and practice of each concept than traditional courses, so you will return to work more knowledgeable and with greater expertise.

Free Templates with Every Course

Creating templates to support your methodology is expensive and time consuming. We make it easy for you to adopt best practices quickly and easily by including our CD of 110 templates with this course. You can easily customize the templates for use throughout your organization.

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Customization for Organizations

Using our SOLVE methodology (Surround, Originate, Launch, Validate, Evolve), we can assess your organization's unique learning needs and goals, design and implement a tailored solution, and provide continuous program improvements. We also offer curriculum-planning services to help maximize the return on your organization's training investment.

Course Outline
1. Service Management Defined
  • IT services and what they really do
  • How IT services deliver value to customers
  • Value and importance of IT service management
2. ITIL Introduction
  • Good practices
  • Ease ITIL adoption
  • ITIL qualification scheme, bodies, and certifications
3. Service Strategy
  • Design, develop, and implement service management
  • Service management as a strategic asset
  • Setting objectives and expectations
  • Identify and select prioritization opportunities
4. Service Design
  • Design and develop services
  • Develop processes
  • Design principles and methods
  • Convert strategy into services
5. Service Transition
  • Develop and improve capabilities
  • Improved methods for transitioning new and changed services into operation
  • Manage the complexity related to changes
  • Prevent undesired results while enabling innovation
6. Service Operation
  • Effectively and efficiently deliver support services
  • Ensure value to customer and service provider
  • Maintain stability while allowing for change
  • Organize to improve IT support to customers
7. Continual Service Improvement
  • Create and maintain value for customers
  • Importance of better design, introduction, and operation of services
  • Improving service quality, business continuity, and IT efficiency
  • Link improvement efforts to strategy, design, and transition
8. Exam-Taking Tips
  • Important techniques to help you pass your exam
9. Exam Review
10. Exam

ITIL Virtual Exam Process:

People in virtual ITIL classes will get an e-mail during class with instructions on setting up the web-based exam.

ITPreneurs is administering the exams.

As of January 1, 2012, all exam agencies are going to have to comply with APMG€(TM)s rules regarding individual candidates, which means they will now have to take their exams using a web-cam proctor.  Students will no longer be allowed to nominate their own live proctor. The proctors will be supplied by the exam agencies and they do have native English-speaking proctors.  Exams can be taken at any time of the day or night and can even be taken from the student€(TM)s home now.  Students will need to have a web-cam, but the standard web-cam that comes embedded in most laptops is perfectly acceptable.

 We ask for 5 business days between submitting information to ITPreneurs and when they want to test.

Prerequisites & Certificates

Familiarity with IT terminology and IT-related work experience are recommended.

Certificates offered


Cancellation Policy
We require 16 calendar days notice to reschedule or cancel any registration. Failure to provide the required notification will result in 100% charge of the course. If a student does not attend a scheduled course without prior notification it will result in full forfeiture of the funds and no reschedule will be allowed. Within the required notification period, only student substitutions will be permitted.

Reschedules are permitted at anytime with 16 or more calendar days notice. Enrollments must be rescheduled within six months of the cancel date or funds on account will be forfeited.
Map & Reviews
Global Knowledge
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GK at ctc Victoria
777 Fort Street
2nd Floor

Victoria, BC
Canada   V8W 1G9

This was a lot of information to absorb in such a short time. The training provider was great, my only recommendation was to shorten the amount of time spent on personal experiences. It's hard to take in all the additional and sometimes unnecessary information, when we already have a lot to learn in such a short timeframe.
Reviewed by 2017
Reviewed by 2017
The training provider was very good.
Reviewed by 2017
Reviewed by 2015
Instructor was both knowledgeable and personable - I would definitely consider taking another class with him!
Reviewed by 2015
it was good just a bit too fast.
Reviewed by 2014
Very good course.
Reviewed by 2013
The course material was overly dense and contained a lot of redundant information.
Reviewed by 2013
Note: We had 2 different trainers during this 3 day course. Course: Terminology should reflect North America and be consistent with our business lingo.
Reviewed by 2012
Our instructor was very knowlegable and he provided excellent real life stories.
Reviewed by 2011


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