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Learn the differences between divergent & convergent thinking; develop an understanding of what kinesthetic, visual & auditory thinking are; We'll review the important role that brainstorming plays in problem solving & how to do so without limitations

Course Outline
Workshop Highlights • In this workshop, you will learn the differences between divergent and convergent thinking.
• You will develop an understanding of what kinesthetic, visual and auditory thinking are.
• You will learn what the meaning of option thinking and how to look beyond the obvious factor in any situation to come up with new possibilities and we will help you to better understand this process and how it can benefit you!
• We will open your eyes to the problem solving skills employed by successful business owners and entrepreneurs and teach you how to fit them into your sales career.
• We will explain why it is important to exercise your brain.
• This workshop will enable the participants to develop the art of divergent thinking, use various states of consciousness to their advantage and understand how to use the three different ways of thinking to understand people.
• You will discover how to use option thinking as your first reaction to creating solutions, turn problems into solutions.
• We will review the important role that brainstorming plays in problem solving and how to do so without limitations.

Who Should Attend • Anyone who is new to professional selling and looking for the tools, techniques and advantages that will get them off to a faster start in their sales career.
• People who are in the business of providing solutions to their clients and want to learn new ideas and means for tapping into that power.
• Those who want to add some new and non mainstream ideas to their sales abilities.
• Individuals who don't wish to participate in price war games with their competitors and wish to separate themselves from the pack.
• Anyone wanting to develop their thinking powers to a new height.
• Those working in a consultative selling role that requires them to manage, sort and analyze large volumes of information and recommend customized client solutions.
• People who want to attend a fun course that will make you think while you're having fun with the rest of the group!
• Sales people who want to separate themselves from their competitors and be considered a value added supplier to their business.

This workshop really made me open my mind and look at things from a different angle. I learned the most from the creative thinking. Marshall is very motivational.
Tami FrankFord, BC Territory Manager, Electrolux
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