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Topics include: setting up data files & customizing settings, banking & credit cards, security, budgets & projects, inventory adjustments, additional payroll features, working with foreign currencies, and remitting GST/PST.

Course Outline

The main objective of this course is to introduce some of the more advanced functions and capabilities of Simply Accounting.

This course is classroom style instruction: Instructor-led, hands-on training.

Setting Up Data Files & Customizing Settings
Creating a New Company
Using the Setup Wizard
Setting Up the General Ledger
Entering Opening Balances
Setting Up Linked Accounts
Entering Vendors and Purchases History
Entering Customers and Sales History
Entering Inventory and Services History
Entering Employees and Payroll History
Finish Entering Historical Data
Customizing Simply Accounting
Setting Up Sales Taxes

Banking & Credit Cards
Setting Up the Bank Reconciliation
Setting Up an Account for Reconciliation
Reconciling an Account for the First Time
Reconciling an Account
Importing Online Statements
Downloading and Importing Statements
Working with Credit/Debit Cards Transactions
Entering Customer Sales on Credit Card
Reconciling the Credit Card Account
Creating & Setting Up Credit Cards for Purchases
Enter Vendor Purchases on Credit Card
Reconciling the Credit Card Statement

Security, Budgets & Projects, Inventory Adjustments
Adding Passwords and Security
Accessing the System Administrator
Adding A User
Changing or Deleting a User’s Password
Deleting a User
Removing Security Options from the Data File
Activating the Budget Option
Creating A Budget
Reporting Against the Budget
Updating the Budget
Handling Project / Department Accounting
Setting Up Projects / Departments
Allocating Expenses and Revenues
Reporting on Project / Department Performance and Budgets
Managing Inventory
Performing Inventory Counts
Writing Off Inventory
Looking at Item Assembly

Payroll (Additional Features)
Checking the Tax Tables
Introducing New Types of Income
Introducing New Types of Deductions
Employee Benefits
Setting Up Batch Printing of Paycheques
Allocating Payroll Cheques to a Project/Department
Generating a Payroll Run
Remitting Payroll Deductions/Contributions
Releasing Vacation Pay
Employee Departures
Making an Employee Inactive
Generating a Record of Employment
Generating T4 Slips
Setting Up Printer Options in Preparation for T4 Slips
Printing T4 slips
Personal Tax Credits
Using SimplyCARE Payroll
Handing Direct Deposit

Working with Foreign Currencies
Dealing with Foreign Currency
Setting Up Foreign Currency
Setting Up A Foreign Currency Bank Account
Setting Up A Vendor
Setting Up For Sales to Foreign Customers
Pricing Inventory & Services
Setting Up Foreign Customers
Tracking Import Duty Information
Making Purchases
Making Sales Using A Foreign Currency
Foreign Currency Reporting

Miscellaneous Items
Creating and Setting Up New Sales Taxes
Reporting Tax Information on a General Journal Transaction
Charging Interest on Overdue Accounts
Preparing Customer Statements
Setting up the Statements
Printing or E-mailing a Customer Statement
NSF Cheques
Handling Bad Debts
Writing Off a Bad Debt
Clearing Transactions
Making Records Inactive
Handling GST & GST Remittances
Calculating the Amount of GST Owing/Refundable
Handling & Remitting Provincial Sales Tax
Remitting PST
Handling & Remitting WCB Premiums
Remitting WCB Premiums
Customizing Simply Accounting Journals
Viewing Account Numbers
Printing Labels
Using E-mail in Simply Accounting
Accessing the Simply Accounting Website
Performing Management Reporting
Using DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange)
Exporting Reports
Using the New Business Guide
Using the Simply Accounting Basic/Pro Versions
Finding Important Code Numbers
Using the Web Store
Crystal Reports
Using Third Party Products
Importing Data from Other Accounting Software
Importing QuickBooks Data
Importing MYOB Data
Importing Simply Accounting Payroll Data

Prerequisites & Certificates

Course Prerequisite: Required: Knowledge of Simply Accounting Introduction topics.

Certificates offered

Participants receive with this course: * courseware (notes on all topics covered, along with exercises used during course). * a certificate of completion

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