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This course is instructor guided hands-on workshop based on 2010/2013 versions of MS Excel. You will learn how Excel helps Accountants, IT professionals and those interested in using excel in a typical office environment for organising data and research.

Course Outline
High Level Course outline:

1.    What is Excel and what is it usedfor?

2.    Using the menus

3.    Working with dates and times

4.    Creating simple formulas

5.    Formatting fonts, row andcolumn sizes, borders, and more

6.    Inserting shapes, arrows, andother graphics

7.    Adding and deleting rows andcolumns

8.    Hiding un-hiding data, rows andcolumns

9.    Moving, copying, and pasting

10.  Sorting and filtering data

11.  Printing your worksheet

12.  Securing your workbooks

13.  Tracking changes

Detailed Course Outline:

1.     Introduction

a.     Welcome

b.    Using the exercise files

2.     Getting Started withExcel 2013

a.   What is Excel used for?

b.    Using the menu system

c.     The Quick Access Toolbar

d.    The structure of a worksheet or workbook

e.     Using the Formula bar

f.      Using the Status bar

g.    Navigation and mouse pointers

h.    Shortcut menus and the Mini toolbar

i.      Using the built-in help

j.      Creating new files

3.     Entering Data

a.     Exploring data entry and editing techniques

b.    Entering data with AutoFill

c.     Working with dates and times

d.    Using Undo and Redo

e.     Adding comments

f.      Using Save or Save As

4.     Creating Formulas andFunctions

a.     Creating simple formulas:Totals and averages

b.    Copying a formula foradjacent cells

c.     Calculating year-to-dateprofits

d.    Creating apercentage-increase formula

e.     Working with relative,absolute, and mixed references

f.      Using SUM and AVERAGE

g.    Using other commonfunctions

5.    Formatting

a.     Exploring font styles and effects

b.    Adjusting row heights andcolumn widths

c.     Working with alignmentand Wrap Text

d.    Designing borders

e.     Exploring numeric andspecial formatting

f.      Formatting numbers anddates

g.    Conditional formatting

h.    Creating and using tables

i.      Inserting shapes, arrows,and other visual features

6.    Introduction to Charting

a.     Creating charts

b.    Exploring chart types

c.     Formatting charts

d.    Working with axes,labels, gridlines, and other chart elements

e.     Creating in-cell chartswith sparklines

7.    Adjusting Worksheet Views

a.     Freezing and unfreezingpanes

b.    Splitting screenshorizontally and vertically

c.     Showing necessaryinformation with the Outlining feature

8.    Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks

a.     Displaying multipleworksheets and workbooks

b.    Renaming, inserting, anddeleting sheets

c.     Moving, copying, andgrouping sheets

d.    Using formulas to linkworksheets and workbooks

Prerequisites & Certificates

Familiarity with using a computer Please bring your laptop equipped Windows 7 or above, WiFi enabled Preferably pre-installed with MS Excel 2010/2013 If not then instructor will guide you to install a trial version If you do not have a laptop with above configuration, let us know in advance and we will make an appropriate arrangement

Certificates offered

Course Completion Certificate; Training Material; 7 PMI PDUs for PMP certified students

Cancellation Policy
Registered courses can be cancelled up to 3 business days before the course start date. Administrative charges equivalent to 10% of the course fee will apply.
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This course was very good as I was the only student and the instructor was a CPA (US) and I am a CA so all of my issues were understood by him. He was gracious and very competant which aways is a good set of skills to have. He was probably the best insructor I have had in any of the courses I have taken since university over 35 years ago. Thanks Mylo
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This course currently does not have any dates scheduled. Please call 1-877-313-8881 to enquire about future dates or scheduling a private, in house course for your team.

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