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We look further at relating tables (join types, 1-1 relationships, database analysis tools), more about reports (sub-reports, letters) & more about forms (tab control, option groups, sub-form sub-totals, list boxes, sync combo boxes, printing options).

Course Outline

This two-day course picks up where the Intermediate Level I leaves off.  The objective is to become more comfortable with relating tables, as well as looking further at forms, reports and queries.  

This course is classroom style instruction: Instructor-led, hands-on training.

Tables & Database

Review of Referential Integrity
1 to 1 Relationships
Join Lines
Join Types
Multiple Field Primary Keys
Lookup Tables
Combo Boxes in Tables

Database Analysis
Analyze Tables
Analyze Performance


Creating Pop Up Forms
(Dialog Boxes)
Border Styles
Setting Properties

Sub Form Totals
Create Formula in Datasheet Form
Add Formula to Main Form
Protecting Formulas

Bound Options Groups
Creating an Option Group
Modifying & Formatting

Bound List Boxes
Creating using the Wizard
Formatting the List Box
Switching to a Combo Box
From Combo Box to List Box

The Tab Control
Creating a Tab Control
Adding Fields & Formulas
Moving Control to Pages
Changing Page Order
Adding & Deleting Pages
Formatting Pages

Control Defaults
For Objects Already on Form
Setting Defaults Before Add Field
Format Template

Form Properties
Edits, Deletions, Additions
Data Entry
Shortcut Menu
Grid X/Y
Background Picture

Page Breaks & Form Printing
Page Breaks
Page Headers/Footers
White Background Printing

Continuous Forms
Adding and Aligning Fields
Adding Formulas
2 Line Labels
Continuous View
Format to Resemble Datasheet
Dividing Lines
Form Header/Footer
Continuous vs. Datasheet

Multi-Column Reports
Sorting & Grouping
Grouping Tricks
Setting Up Columns
Adding Fields
Adding Column Headings

Review of Mail Merge
Quick Review of Word Merge

Letters in Access
Writing the Letter
Inserting the Fields
Formatting the Letters

Sub Reports
Designing a Sub Report
Designing a Main Report

Using the Chart Wizard
Arranging the Chart
Setting Summary Formulas
Formatting the Chart
Using MS Graph

Prerequisites & Certificates

Course Prerequisite: Required: Solid understanding of all Access Introduction & Intermediate Level I topics. It is essential that you take the Intermediate Level I course, before taking this course.

Certificates offered

Participants receive with this course: * courseware (notes on all topics covered, along with exercises used during course). * a certificate of completion

Cancellation Policy

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