Trying to get ahead?

Are you trying to get ahead? Want to be considered for that upcoming promotion? Looking for a raise at your next review? One way to improve your chances of being promoted, and to enhance your worth in your current job, is to build your skills. The great thing is that many employers are willing to pay for you to attend seminars that will do just that.

Last Minute Training can help your develop your skills at a very reasonable price. Use our service to find special 'last minute' prices on training seminars, and forward them to your manager for consideration. They will appreciate how proactive you are, and they'll love the cost savings as well! Our service helps find the training for you, and our participant driven vendor feedback system lets you see what other members think about our training vendors and their seminars - helping you to pick the best training for you.

Saving you money is our specialty.

Last Minute Training is a unique free service that allows you to purchase registrations to seminars at 30% - 60% off the regular price. We do this by negotiating special 'last minute' prices for seminars that we pass directly on to our members. There is one 'catch' though - these are 'last minute' prices and in order to take advantage of them you need to be flexible enough to attend a seminar within 10 days or less of registering. And that is the ONLY 'catch'.

Is your budget extremely tight?

Last Minute Training tries to negotiate the lowest possible price for our seminar deals. But what happens if your remaining training allowance is lower than the offered seminar fee? No problem, simply use our unique "Make an Offer" system. With this system you can offer to pay the price you can afford for any listed seminar. Use our comment box on the offer page to explain to the seminar provider why you think they should accept your offer. Whether or not your offer is accepted is the vendor's choice but you'd be surprised at how reasonable they can be.

Knowing when the seminars you need are available is easier than you think.

With Last Minute Training there are two ways to find seminars. The first is by visiting our website and searching by keyword or category to see what seminars are available. The second, and much more effective, method is to set up your free account and create what we call "training alerts". With over 800 categories to choose from, it is easy to specify exactly what kind of seminars you are interested in. Once you set an alert we'll tell you immediately by email when a seminar becomes available. Once you set an alert you can focus on your day to day work activities and wait for us to find a seminar for you. Did we mention there is no charge to you for this service?

There are so many seminar providers out there.

Choosing a top quality seminar is made easier with Last Minute Training's feedback system. Our members leave feedback after they have attended a seminar. That gives you a peer qualified quality opinion that cannot be influenced by the training seminar provider. You can rest assured that if our members have scored a seminar highly, the quality will be second to none

Sign Up Now!

Even if you are not ready this minute to attend a seminar, by signing up and setting alerts our team can work on negotiating the best deals for the seminars you will want available in the future. Setting up an alert is not an offer to purchase it is simply a request to be notified of seminar offers that fit your needs.

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