bizLeverage Small Business Referral Attraction Workshop

Discover Unique and Surprising Secrets To Turning Your Clients, Customers or Patients Into Referrals Ambassadors and Getting All The Referrals You Can Handle

We provide specific, actionable information about some of the best and unique referral tactics and techniques that the most successful independent businesses in Canada, US, and Australia use to generate bushels of referrals. Check out our schedule and come to one of our seminars and workshops. You owe it to yourself and your business. Here are some more comments from the previous attendees: "I learned more from this short 3-hour workshop than I did from a 6-week marketing course!" - Selina Khan "If you have a business or work in sales, you have to come to this seminar. You can't afford not to!" - Jim Kennedy, "I came here looking for a system to leverage the database that I already have to generate more leads and referrals. In 3 short hours, Alex showed me how to do it. It is effortless and works on a consistent, regular basis. I'm anxious to go to the office and to get started doing what I've learned!" - Gloria Pierre, Accent Reduction Coach, To see a short clip with more comments from the attendees, visit the seminar website at Small Business Referral Seminar

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9251 Yonge St, Unit 8505
Richmond Hill Ontario
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