The Essential Message
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When someone asks, 'what do you do?', how confident are you with the way you and your salespeople describe your business? Are your sales & marketing materials 'all over the place'? Would you like more people to ask for your business card, even when you meet them in social situations?

At the Essential Message, we help companies and individuals discover their true differentiation and then communicate it in the most compelling way.

Corporations can take advantage of our unique process known as the Essential Message Clarity Package. Independent professionals and small business can participate in our unique program which combines coaching, consulting and community called, The Essential Message Bull Pen.

The Essential Message is a proven approach that helps you turn more people into prospects, and more prospects into sales. It was created by Michel based on 25 years as an award-winning copywriter, an entrepreneur, and a senior sales and marketing executive.

Thousands of entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, salespeople, and advisor-based businesses have used The Essential Message to get the clarity they need and the business they want.

You can too.
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The Essential Message
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