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Did you know that if you only had 10 conversations a day for the next fifty years that you would have 182 500 conversations? And that's only 10 conversations a day!

How often does a presentation come along where the audience gets to experience the benefits of the lessons being taught immediately?

The Art of Powerful Conversation will not only teach your team valuable lessons in communication, but it will also have them out of their seats practicing with each other throughout the presentation.

Major companies are raving about Stuart's ability to bring people together in such a short time frame while strengthening the bond between all of those present. The conversations we have with our co-workers, customers, service providers, administrators and colleagues from other departments are key to any organization's success! It all comes down to the connection.

Stuart Knight taps into 12 years of experience, along with thousands of conversations he has had with the public and his staff, to teach your audience the simple tools of creating strong relationships thus bringing greater success to your organization.

Whether it's a national sales convention or a departmental breakout session, The Art of Powerful Conversation is the perfect fit for a group of any size. Stuart will always take the time to understand the specific types of communication that are important to your company and will be sure to touch on these examples throughout the presentation.

Call to set up an appointment today to arrange your own conversation with Stuart Knight so that he can better understand your needs and create a tailored presentation. One thing you can be sure of is that your audience will be entertained, while learning valuable lessons that can be applied immediately after Stuart's final words on stage.

One conversation can change your life!

"Across the board, in a wide variety of businesses, people would rather work with someone who is likeable and incompetent than with someone who is skilled and obnoxious"
Tiziana Casciaro, Professor, Harvard Business School


Stuart Knight is a speaker, actor, entertainer, producer and writer extraordinaire. With his high energy, theatrical speaking skills, your audience will be mesmerized. Whether it's a motivational speech or a seminar on becoming a successful entrepreneur, Stuart Knight is your choice for any presentation.

He is an entrepreneur like no other. After graduating from the School of Business and Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University in 1996, he immediately started the company KnightFlight Productions.

Since that time, Stuart has written, produced and starred in the motivational extravaganza A Whole New Perspective and then launched his follow-up show entitled I DECIDE which has played to sold out crowds for the past three and a half years.

In the past seven years, Stuart has traveled across North America sharing his positive message with all age groups and ethnicities. To date, he has spoken to over half a million people, and has toured Canada three times in his National Discover What's Inside You Tour with Coca Cola. Stuart's accomplishments were recently acknowledged by the Canadian Youth Business Foundation, where he won the National Young Entrepreneurs Award for Community Leadership. Since that time, Stuart has keynoted many conferences, and has spoken to many corporate clients across Canada, sharing the stage with such notables as Pamela Wallin, Mike Harris, Brian Tobin, Kurt Harnett and Stephen Lewis.

Stuart also caught the eye of the world when he was asked to be the keynote speaker at the World Young Entrepreneur Championships in Frankfurt, Germany in October 2003.

As a writer and award-winning performer, Stuart's presence on stage is contagious and his ability to move his audience is unprecedented.

In life, he is a true motivator and embraces any opportunity to change the world. As an "out of the box" renegade entrepreneur, Stuart Knight continues to bring his entertaining and thought-provoking ideas to fruition. One such example can be seen in his life-changing workshop called The Art of Powerful Conversation where Stuart gives people the tools to have conversations they never imagined they could have. He has also produced the self-titled CD Stuart Knight - It's Been Decided, which is an urban conglomeration of slam poems, songs and sketches that will truly inspire its audience and take them on a journey toward their dreams. His most recent endeavor is a weekly video broadcast entitled The Madness of My Mind, which is distributed to over 5000 subscribers from around the world. And when he's not doing that, Stuart can be found writing for Moses Znaimer at MZTV. Look out for Stuart's debut book entitled Stuart Knight - On Purpose!

Stuart Knight Productions is constantly looking for new ways to entertain audience members and in the process help them realize their full potential. He is currently starring in his shows SHIFT and I DECIDE, which play to sold out crowds throughout the year. When he's not on stage you can hear him being interviewed on the radio or on one of Canada's many national television shows. If the future meets the success of the past, it looks like it will be quite the ride!

"Stuart Knight is a talented and driven person who literally grabs you by the chin and turns your head toward something excitingly new!" - Jennifer Bill Senior Editor, 24 Hours Magazine.
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