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Sales Training in Toronto - Rooney Earl & Partners

are a specialist sales consulting and training company. All our efforts focus on helping individuals and companies grow and sustain their revenues. WHAT WE DO

  • Assessment Tools: we provide several well known assessment tools to help you select the right people for the job and assist with coaching once hired.
  • Sales & Sales Management Training: this is one of the core services we provide - we partner with the Sandler Sales Institute, the international leader in Sales and Sales Management Training.
  • Recruitment: hiring and training sales and sales management personnel who know how to sell or who have the potential to be trained.
  • Coaching: as part of our Sales Training we also provide one-on-one coaching customized to the needs of individual.
  • Communication Skills Training: knowing how to have Crucial Conversations. Conversations, when the going gets tough can cost companies millions. RE&P in partnership with Vital Smarts (a US based leader in Organizational Development) is authorized to deliver this program to its clients.
  • Outsourced Marketing Services: for a number of our key clients we are able to offer a complete out-sourced marketing service.

Our experience has led us to an understanding of the importance of execution - meaning that all of our efforts are focused on producing tangible, measurable, meaningful results for our clients. HOW WE DO IT A recent Harvard Business School study determined that businesses which are considering engaging outsourced services have one major concern: will the service-provider really understand their business and the particular problems and challenges they face? Understanding this, we don't do anything without first understanding your business strategy and knowing exactly what it is we are trying to fix or achieve. It is our job to fit your requirements - not to shoehorn you into fitting ours.

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