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The vision of LMR is to help all business leaders achieve their vision through great leadership practices and the building of strong business foundations.

Leaders are not only the people at the very top. They include all those that others look to for direction. Many managers, supervisors, lead hands, etc. have excellent skill sets for the operational tasks at hand, but are not trained in leadership skills to ensure they know how to bring out the best in others helping to achieve the final outcomes they desire.

In order to practice truly effective leadership skills, it necessary to have a strong business foundation in place. Leading & Managing therefore works together to provide a solid footing on which to build and grow successful businesses.

For seasoned business owners and their leadership teams:
Strategic Planning Facilitation Services - Typically 4 - ½ day sessions in duration.
Great Leadership Works Workshop - Half-day workshop
One on One Leadership Coaching - Two hour one-on-one sessions. Minimum 3 session requirement with two attendees per day. Maximum - to be determined with client. Workshop is a prerequisite.
Various on-site presentations to include internal branding, customer service excellence, conflict management, etc. Presentations are customized to the client's specific needs and environment.

For new business owners:
Prepare for Tomorrow Program - Provides on-site training in strategic planning, building of strong business processes, hiring right, staff motivation, customer service excellence and leadership development. Training can be one-on-one or include other key decision makers. Full day training session.
Further training available as required.

Linda Ruddy, Owner of LMR Consulting brings over 25 years of hands-on experience in leading and managing small businesses. Linda has seen first hand what works and what does not work when building, growing, managing and leading companies. From developing customer service departments from scratch to include setting procedures & standards, and hiring & training staff to managing $1Mil marketing budgets for an international organization Linda has a keen eye for detail and at the same time, can clearly see the big picture. Linda has owned her own small business in the past and has sat on an Administrative Committee for a direct marketing company to provide strategic planning assistance, develop marketing & sales strategies and help run the day to day operations. As co-host of a business webinar series - Strategies for Growth, Linda has created and presents 8 of 12 topics designed to keep businesses moving in a forward direction. Her experience comes full circle when it comes not only to the expertise required to help other small business owners and decision makers but the passion, determination and hard work that it takes to run a business. Linda currently volunteers with her local board of trade as a facilitator for a small business mentoring circle and also serves on a committee for a church ministry dedicated to helping the unemployed.

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