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LAR studios provide Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash and other Adobe training in their Toronto training center. Our founder, Laura Rey, has spent over twenty years teaching in various corporations, non-profit agencies, and universities. We exist because she believes that "training" is not the same thing as "learning"....and that in order for humans to grow and develop, learning needs to be rich, engaging, and personal. So, here at LAR Studios, we maintain very small classes (always four or less people per class) and focus on each student's learning style and needs. We often offer 1-on-1 classes that are tailored specifically to meet the needs of a student. Interested in learning how to do color correction for your digital photographs? We can help. Interested in learning ActionScript, but want the class tailored toward your specific application? We can help. Let us know how we can meet your learning needs. What We Value • people and their lives and dreams • education and learning • curiosity and creativity • being an active and responsible part of our community • the environment • innovation, creation, and quality • service

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LAR Studios
20 Leslie St., #207
Toronto Ontario
Canada M4M 3L4