JCI Toronto Entrepreneurship and Leadership Training in Toronto

JCI Toronto is a non-profit membership based organization. As an affiliated chapter of JCI Canada and Junior Chamber International, a worldwide network of young leaders and entrepreneurs, membership in JCI Toronto will open a world of opportunities for you!

We are creating Toronto's most dynamic and comprehensive network of young professionals and entrepreneurs. If you are a young entrepreneur or business professional in your 20's or 30's, we invite you to explore our organization.

JCI Toronto offers the most effective ways to build transferable business skills while participating in an array of interesting activities. You'll have the opportunity to acquire new customers, build a peer support network, give back to your community and have fun!

JCI Toronto is member driven and managed by a volunteer board of directors. All projects and events are proposed, decided upon and managed by members. We are not affiliated with any secular or partisan political organization, and are not funded through government programs or agencies.
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JCI Toronto
283 Danforth Ave., Suite 334
Toronto Ontario
Canada M4K 1N2