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Supervisor training in Toronto. Insight Coaching & Consulting bridges the gap between the employers and their employees by looking at business as a partnership that links the business owner's vision and goals, with the workers' personal development objectives and career aspirations. Insight provides consulting and coaching services to business owners and leaders to enable them to hire the right people, develop their strengths, fulfill their potentials, and lead them toward desired business results. On the other hand, Insight helps individuals to clarify their life goals, map out their career plan, and align their aspirations with the business objectives.

Employee engagement improves work efficiency and productivity. Productivity and efficiency improves business results. A flourishing business should respond well to employee needs. Employee needs met enhances engagement at work. Where this cycle begins is the mystery and Insight helps business figure it out and put the puzzle pieces together.

Services for business owners and their leadership teams:

- Small Business Webinar Series (12 hours) consisting of 12 progressively developing topics in hourly web seminar format to provide small bites of insights on how to bring the business to the next level. This is perfect for businesses with 1-100 employees and even for the ones that are just starting to hire and transition into a new developing organization.
- Supervisory Development Program (24 hours) consisting of basic leadership skills and competencies for leaders and supervisors working in small organizations. This series broken down to 4-5 sessions of high-impact leadership workshops on the best practice in hiring and firing of employees, developing and coaching subordinates toward results, motivating and engaging them to optimal performance, managing through positive discipline and controlling for best outcome.
- Outplacement Services (12 hours) consisting of 12 sessions on career assessment and career planning that enable separating employees to be ready to compete in the labour market and enhance their probability of success beyond their current employer. It includes career goal setting and clarification, strategic résumé writing, interview preparation & rehearsal, job search strategies and techniques on how to market themselves.

Services for Individuals in Job or Career Transition:

Career Management Program that consists of 12 online coaching and training sessions to help individuals assess their careers in light of their work history and their prevailing career and life aspirations. The first three sessions are focused on discovery, which involves clarifying career goals based on objective assessment of competencies and interests. It involves defining their personal vision and mission and creating strategic goals toward these ends.

The next five sessions are focused on the nitty gritty of defining job objectives, setting job search strategies, defining ways and techniques to market oneself, and carrying them out guided by the facilitator. These sessions include strategic résumé writing, interview preparation & rehearsal, job search strategy implementation and selling oneself in the market.

The last four sessions involve strengthening of life skills to ensure achievement of results. Goal setting and tracking of progress involve commitment to success. Overcoming barriers require resolve, determination, and positive outlook. Achieving positive results necessitate well-developed soft skills such as communication and interpersonal skills. These final sessions strive to support the individual in getting to the end-goal by not falling off the wagon and losing momentum.

Professional Profile of the Managing Consultant of Insight Coaching & Consulting:

Gina Cajucom, the Managing Principal of Insight Coaching & Consulting, brings over 15 years of hands-on experience in managing organizations and consulting with both small business and large corporations. She started as a Training Officer with years of experience in large corporations in both retail services and consumer goods manufacturing sectors. She developed her career into the Human Resources Management role, now responsible not only for employee development but also in creating and implementing systems and procedures in recruitment, employee relations, and compensation. At this time, Gina has already completed her two years of graduate studies in Human Resources Management to complement her degree in B.S. Psychology.

Eventually as a Consultant, she covered all the areas of human resources management and started dabbling with Organizational Development (OD). She found immense satisfaction in focusing on performace management as a function of change management and leadership. Teambuilding and sensitivity training courses became her forte; these sessions gave her the opportunity to discover her innate love for coaching either in the context of performance management and employee development or as applied in career management and succession planning. It is no wonder that Gina has started to pursue professional coaching and is now in the process of completing her coaching certification as Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). This is a perfect complement to her Professional in Human Resources (PHR) designation in the US and her Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation in progress here in Canada.

Professional Profile of the Consulting Partner of Insight Coaching & Consulting:

Linda Ruddy, Owner of LMR Consulting brings over 25 years of hands-on experience in leading and managing small businesses. Linda has seen first hand what works and what does not work when building, growing, managing and leading companies. From developing customer service departments from scratch to include setting procedures & standards, and hiring & training staff to managing $1Mil marketing budgets for an international organization, Linda has a keen eye for detail and at the same time, can clearly see the big picture. Linda has owned her own small business in the past and has sat on an Administrative Committee for a direct marketing company to provide strategic planning assistance, develop marketing & sales strategies and help run the day to day operations. As co-host of a business webinar series - Strategies for Growth, Linda has created and presents 8 of 12 topics designed to keep businesses moving in a forward direction. Her experience comes full circle when it comes not only to the expertise required to help othsser small business owners and decision makers but the passion, determination and hard work that it takes to run a business. Linda currently volunteers with her local board of trade as a facilitator for a small business mentoring circle and also serves on a committee for a church ministry dedicated to helping the unemployed.

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