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 Since we started in 1989, IB-Learning has provided focused, dedicated IT training. We come from years of IT consulting and we use that depth of experience to ensure that what we teach will make you more effective in the workplace.

Our promise - If you book, we teach:
At IB-Learning we know that planning and coordinating your training can be a real challenge. We respect the trust and effort you put into booking our courses, so we offer you this guarantee: If you register for a course, we promise to run it.
We produce our own course material in-house and on-demand. Whether your training needs are small or large, public or private, we can accommodate you on short notice. As authors and owners of our material, we can customize both content and delivery to meet your needs. Using our own dedicated mainframe and servers, we have delivered training on our own and through partners across Canada and the United States, from California to the Maritimes. We readily adapt our delivery to large and small groups, from conference seminars to one-on-one, self-paced mentoring.
Our perspective on training:
We recognize that we all need to invest in our own continuous improvement. We also recognize that when training occurs, it is at the expense of cherished time, money and your focus. We know that learning is only one of the many important things you do both inside and outside of the workplace.
We respect your needs. Thus, we don't limit our expectations for your training to just the corporate, or trainer defined goals. Our courses and instructional methods encourage you to go beyond passively absorbing information, to become a proactive participant in your learning. All of our training starts with a review of the course objectives and your expectations of how you will apply what you learn. Where appropriate, we adjust in order to ensure you get what you need. When you finish a course, we simply ask that you complete a short survey to let us know how we did. None of those silly "on scale of 1 to 5" or "somewhat, maybe, sort of" questions that don't matter to you. That's just not our style! For the areas that are important to you, we simply ask, were you satisfied with the results? Are you going to make use of what you've learnt? If your answer is "no", we'll do all we can to correct it for you, and for the future.
It's not over when it's over!
At IB-Learning we know that 'Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans'.  You get some training, and then don't get to use it, so you lose it. But what if you could retake that course, no charge, any time within the next 12 months? All we ask is that it's in a class with at least one other student enrolled, there's space available, and you bring your original course materials. Anyone who attends our courses is encouraged to contact our instructors on an ongoing basis for assistance with material provided during the training. You get their email address in order to do so.
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