Bruner Business Communications Business Writing Training in Toronto

We specialize in training business people to communicate on screen and on paper. It's all we do. We're passionate about writing, obsessed with quality and dedicated to improving our clients' success through the written word. We care, and it shows.

We teach you how to clarify your thinking and make sure every document you write is purposeful and gets to the point. You learn a reliable process to help you quickly organize your thoughts and satisfy your readers' needs, every time.

Regardless of what you need to write, we can help you do it faster and better. Here's a list of our products and services:

  • In-house Courses - You get writing courses customized to meet your needs and delivered at your offices. Your staff saves travel time and you save money.

  • Public Seminars - We keep enrolment small to facilitate group interaction and individual coaching. Please contact us for upcoming dates.

  • Licensing & Certification Programs - If you have your own trainers, we can certify them to deliver our courses.

  • Self-study Course - The self-study version of our Effective Business Writing course is ideal for individuals who prefer learning at their own pace.

  • Copy Writing and Editing - Whether you're rewriting your form letters or editing an important proposal or report, we can help.

  • Coaching - Ideal for senior executives who need training that suits their schedule. We work quickly and center the learning on the documents you need to write.

We've been in business since 1998. Here's why you should let us help you improve the level of writing at your organization:

  • Specialists - We specialize in helping business people improve their writing skills. It's all we do. We're passionate about clear writing and continually update our programs and develop new courses and services.

  • Experience - We work in most industries and learn the nuances of our clients' businesses quickly.

  • Bottom Line Oriented - We understand the demands of business today. Our courses give participants immediately usable skills that improve their productivity and get results.

  • Customization - We tailor the course content to meet the needs of each group.

  • People - We're proud of our people. Our trainers are more than inspiring facilitators - they're also professional writers.

  • Course Materials - Participants use our course manuals as desktop reference guides after the course. The manuals are full of sample documents, templates, style and format guidelines, checklists, and exercises. Participants also receive convenient laminated tip sheets for quick reference.

  • On-going Support - Every two months, participants receive a free electronic copy of our newsletter The Write Stuff. This newsletter is full of practical tips, quizzes and mini-lessons that reinforce the skills learned. We distribute about 5,000 of these newsletters and our readers look forward to them.

  • Customer Service Focus - Great customer service is fundamental to all successful businesses - it's ingrained in the corporate culture and in every correspondence with every customer. This philosophy drives our business and is woven through all our courses.

Our Guarantee - We strive to exceed your expectations and guarantee your complete satisfaction.

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