BartenderOne Bartending Training Courses and Seminars

Bartenderone is Canada’s Premier Bartender Training Facility. Our curriculum is taught exclusively by head bartenders from the country’s busiest nightclubs, lounges pubs and bars. Our programs and workshops have been designed with the two most significant people in the life of a bartender in mind. Your guest and your employer. Our curriculum is constantly evolving to reflect changes in the industry, meaning you don’t waste your time learning cocktails that people haven’t ordered in 15 years. At BartenderOne you’ll learn the most current martinis, shooters and cocktails in demand today. If you’re convinced that you could be making more money, but don’t know quite how to do it, young or old, new or experienced, BartenderOne will make you better. At BartenderOne you train behind real world bars in real world clubs to get the most authentic bar education on the market. No Simulated classrooms, no memorizing recipes than no one orders any more, no wasting your time. We focus on Speed, Accuracy, Mixology, Synergy and Flair which results in the most JOB READY graduates! The bottom line… Better Training equals Better Bartenders… Be BartenderOne

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446 Rhodes Avenue Suite 100
Toronto Ontario
Canada M4L 3A5