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BAASS Business Solutions Inc. is a full-service computer and consulting firm with over fifteen years of experience in providing quality products, services and support to clients in all types of industries across the Greater Toronto and surrounding areas. BAASS Business Solutions Inc. is a proven Premier Solution Provider for Sage Accpac, and an IBM Business Partner. With a full team of qualified IT and e-Business consultants, BAASS offers an entire line of services, from needs consultation and network setup, to comprehensive software training and technical support. We present a vast range of product offerings including accounting, e-business, networking, IT, software customization and web solutions. BAASS Business Solutions Inc. provides a complete industry solution for your accounting and information systems needs.

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There was NO clear structure while navigationg through material . There were NO handouts at all, not even a pen available. Eveyrthing had to be put to memory. A simple 1 page handout as a reminder of what we learned would have been a terrific asset to the course. I feel let down.
Reviewed by Carmine I. 2012

Very Boring couldnt wait for it to end. We all ran out from there! Instructor jumped from one thing to another hard to follow. We had no hand outs to practice on or was not tested to see if we really understood the program. I think I would need to retake the course but not with BAAS
Reviewed by Tia D. 2012

see comments on level 1 re building. This trainer was also late. I arrived 5 minutes early and room was still locked and no reception was even at the building. Trainer was well dressed but had body odour which was very prominent, especially considering her sat beside me at the computer for the whole session. I'm not sure that he teaches this course on a regular basis and we seemed to be guessing at what to do next a few times and his resources were not for the correct version. I was disappointed neither of these courses included any handouts. I tried to quickly scribe any notes that I had. I was a bit uncomfortable being the only attendee but the message that I had an option wait for another session with more people was sent to my work email only the day before, no phone call so I was not aware of this situation. Overall I was very surprised to hear the business has been in operation for quite a while and thought it seemed fairly slapped together. I did get the content I required but would not choose this route again.
Reviewed by Karen N. 2011

There was no posting as to where seminar was to be held within the building. I arrived to wander around the building, up and down a staircase before phoning to contact someone from the training provider. I did arrive early due to changes in the schedule however this was no different when I came back at the appropriate time. When I did arrive 4 minutes early there was no one in the room. I tunred on the lights and sat and waited until 9:36 for the trainer. I found this very unprofessional disconcerting to be sitting alone in the basement.
Reviewed by Karen N. 2011

Felt like we were held to half day instead of full day due to class numbers and therefore reports were glossed over and not looked at closely as to what the numbers represent and how to fix them,.etc. Setup and other components were fully covered though.
Reviewed by Michele W. 2011


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