Andreas Hug Consulting Effective Communication and Leadership Training

Management Consultant to Entrepreneurs / Authorized STRUCTOGRAM® Trainer

Andreas works with entrepreneurs, who wish to complement their own strengths with those of a seasoned advisor to build a stronger management team and achieve success. He enjoys working with people from many cultural and functional backgrounds to achieve goals, which at first might appear difficult to reach. Andreas has been instrumental in bringing a unique soft-skill training system to Canada. STRUCTOGRAM® is simple and visual, for immediate use in everyday business and personal situations where effective communication, authentic leadership and the building of relationships and trust, are keys to success. STRUCTOGRAM® is a communication tool and a training system. It employs biostructural analysis to create better self-understanding and understanding of others as the foundation for effective communication and leadership. Its scientific basis can be found in neuroscience, starting with the concept of the triune brain by Paul D. Maclean and was then developed by Rolf W. Schirm incorporating findings from learning theory and anthropology. More at

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Andreas Hug Consulting
1968 Gordon Street
Guelph Ontario
Canada N1L 1G6