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Choosing a computer training provider for your organization is not an easy decision. To remain productive and competitive, today's workers need to embrace a wide range of skills and tools. Helping workers to maximize these tools requires a program of flexible and effective training options. Elert & Associates Technology Training provides a wide range of services to meet the unique needs of every learner and organization. Look to Elert & Associates for... Instructor-led software training in a virtual classroom on the Internet or on site at your location Efficient, topic-specific 90 Minute Workouts® on Microsoft Office products and many other common applications Customized courses to meet the distinct needs of your organization and learners Quality courseware that is effective both as an in-class reference and a follow-up tool Custom-built training programs, user manuals, and other materials Over the past twenty-plus years, we've helped hundreds of organizations with their technology training needs. Our goal is not just to teach learners how to use a piece of software, but to help them apply new software skills to their own day-to-day tasks. Using a software application shouldn't be a task in and of itself. With the proper foundation of skills, software should simply be the tool you use to complete your tasks more efficiently and confidently. Elert & Associates' virtual classroom makes it possible to attend a live, instructor-led class anywhere you have access to the Internet and a telephone. Join the class through your Web browser, where you can see the instructor's screen as she or he demonstrates each new skill. A teleconference provides the audio, allowing you to hear and interact with the instructor and other participants. Throughout the class, switch between the instructor's screen in your browser and your own copy of the application, where you can practice applying the new skills. Our efficient, topic-specific 90 Minute Workouts® allow students at all ability levels to customize their own learning path, choosing just the classes that address the skills they need most. And since you can attend right from your desk, there's no lost time or expense due to travel! We offer nearly 100 different workouts on Microsoft Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, Visio, and Windows. Visit www.elerttraining.com for more details.

Course Rating Course Name Next Date and Location Alternate Dates
Access Creating Forms [2018-11-29 - Virtual]
Access Creating Macros [2018-10-24 - Virtual]
Access Creating Reports [2018-12-13 - Virtual]
Access Creating Select Queries [2018-12-06 - Virtual]
Access Enhancing Forms [2018-12-20 - Virtual]
Access Enhancing Tables [2018-11-08 - Virtual]
Access Getting Started [2018-11-01 - Virtual]
Access Working with Table Relationships [2018-11-15 - Virtual]
Excel Automating Tasks with Macros [2018-10-24 - Virtual] 2 other dates
Excel Creating 2010 Charts [2018-12-13 - Virtual]
Excel Creating 2013/2016 Charts [2018-11-14 - Virtual] 1 other date
Excel Data Analysis Tools [2018-10-25 - Virtual] 2 other dates
Excel Formatting Spreadsheets [2018-11-07 - Virtual] 1 other date
Excel Functions & Formulas [2018-11-06 - Virtual] 1 other date
Excel Getting Started [2018-11-01 - Virtual] 1 other date
Excel Lists & Tables [2018-11-15 - Virtual] 1 other date
Excel More Functions & Formulas [2018-10-23 - Virtual] 2 other dates
Excel Pivot Tables [2018-10-25 - Virtual] 2 other dates
Excel Power Functions [2018-10-30 - Virtual] 1 other date
Excel Tips & Shortcuts [2018-10-31 - Virtual] 2 other dates
Excel Working with Workbooks [2018-11-08 - Virtual] 1 other date
OneNote Enhancing Notebooks [2018-10-23 - Virtual] 2 other dates
OneNote Working with Notebooks [2018-11-01 - Virtual] 1 other date
Outlook Making the Most of Mail [2018-10-30 - Virtual] 2 other dates
Outlook Overview & Working with Mail [2018-11-07 - Virtual]
Outlook Working with the Calendar [2018-11-14 - Virtual]
PowerPoint Formatting Presentations [2018-11-01 - Virtual] 1 other date
PowerPoint Presenting Slide Shows [2018-10-31 - Virtual] 2 other dates
PowerPoint Working with Animation & Multimedia [2018-11-08 - Virtual]
Project Customizing a Project Plan [2018-11-29 - Virtual]
Project Organizing & Sharing a Project Plan [2018-11-08 - Virtual]
Project Using Advanced Project Tools [2018-12-13 - Virtual]
Project Working with 2013/2016 Reports [2018-10-25 - Virtual]
Word Advanced Tools [2018-10-25 - Virtual] 1 other date
Word Document Layout & Formatting [2018-11-06 - Virtual]
Word Mail Merge [2018-11-20 - Virtual]
Word Templates & Styles [2018-11-13 - Virtual] 1 other date
The course was perfect (for me) and was more than expected for an online program. Will be queuing up for the next one. I would recommend to not be in the office while taking the course, as interruptions definitely take away from the presentation.
Reviewed by 2016
This was an online course so the facility, break times or presence/attire were not relevant, there should be a section that identifies this so you don't have to check off these areas.
Reviewed by 2014
No rating was given for items that didn't apply. The flow of the course was great. Questions were answered fully. Danielle was knowledgeable, spoke clearly, and at a ideal speed. She left time for questions after every worksheet and made sure everyone was ready before moving on to next topic.
Reviewed by 2014
Should be a N/A option for Facility feedback section, this course was done online. I indicated average, but I this is not accurate as I was not in a classroom setting.
Reviewed by 2014
She speaks INCREDIBLY fast and she moves quite quickly through the course material. I realize that she asked a number of times 'are there any questions?' but.. when she gives directions SLOW DOWN. I realize taht this is a tips & tricks course, so there is an assumption that people have the knowledge. What I missed was an opportunity to talk about my current problems WITH 2 live projects and trying to track baselines etc. I guess that is a separate course.
Reviewed by 2013
Good content !
Reviewed by 2013
My only complaint was the time, I live in the Pacific time zone and 6am is an early start time, an afternoon east coast option would be nice.
Reviewed by 2013
The course was excellent, as was the instructor (Danielle). The only issue I have is the timing. Being located in Ottawa, Canada I started the course at 4:00 pm and finished at 5:30, which required me to make special daycare arrangements. These 1.5 hour courses should start at 2:30 pm Eastern Time at the latest.
Reviewed by 2012
Felt like a lot of info for a 1.5 hour course. 2 hours might have been better and would have allowed more time for questions. I did an online course so many of the questions asked above do not apply. There is no "N/A" option. Anything I gave half a star is for this reason.
Reviewed by 2012
Some ratings were not applicable ie. Faciltiy since this was a virtual course. Excellent Instructor - very knowledgeable. Course only focused on two form types - the form type I was interested in was not covered. A suggestion would be to offer a course that covers all forms types or offer an additional course that covers form types not included in this course.
Reviewed by 2012
The trainer explained everything in a simple way and gave us the right amount of time to try everything ourselves as well. She had a friendly attitude and also paused from time to time to ask us if we had any questions. All in all a good experience.
Reviewed by 2012
I did the online course and found it awesome! The instructor was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful I finished the course feeling I got my money's worth and then some. Thank you Survey is stupid as it does not take into consideration I was an online course - has mandatory fields not applicable to me.
Reviewed by 2012
There is not enough time to cover all the materials needed in the private course
Reviewed by 2011
Please note that I attended this course via Webinar so the facility rating is not applicable. Also not applicable is the Break Times rating since the course was only an hour and a half. I suggest you add an N/A column to your rating sheet.
Reviewed by 2011
I liked the virtual training. So much easier to fit into my schedule. Did miss the interaction though. There were very little questions asked in both this one and the Powerpoint one. In the Excel presentation, I really liked that the trainer muted everyone. This wasn't the case with the power point one. There were baby noises in the background. Very disruptive and inconsiderate.
Reviewed by 2011
My course was online so any ratings about the facility or instructor attire are not accurate but I can't turn this in without filling them out.
Reviewed by 2011
Excellent Instructor
Reviewed by 2011


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