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Our Team

Young at heart
joy pushing us each day
to delight you.

Providing ‘delightful’ service to clients and vendors starts with a team of people who care. All of the members of our team eat, drink and breathe client delight. We are here because of you, and for you.

Louis Trahan

Founder and Learning Advisor

On Delighting Customers:

For me the key to delighting clients is to treat them like family (family you actually like that is). Understand their needs, take away their pain and put their interests first. Appreciate that they have chosen to give you their business.

Who Delights Me?

  • On Track Computer Training - Although we love all our training partners, On Track really bend over backwards to please customers every single day.
  • Zappos - What can I say, we can only hope to delight our customers at the level they do.
  • Khal at Toyota on Front - This guy gives awesome customer service. He has even given me his personal car to drive while mine was in service.
  • My Guilty Pleasure: Playing Blitzcrank on League of Legends

Martha Trahan

Operations Manager and Learning Advisor

On Delighting Customers:

To me delighting a customer means providing a great experience every time: responding promptly and genuinely caring for my customer’s needs. Every interaction with a client is an opportunity to earn their loyalty and trust and should be treated so.

Who Delights Me?

Global Knowledge
Their expertise, service and professionalism are second to none.

Grocery Gateway
Their customer service is exceptional, from their website to the products to the driver that delivers the food…I am a fan!

Something that no one really knows about me:

I trained for 2 years with Sam Lumpini (European Kickboxing Champion) – I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone and Muay Thai (sparing) was pretty much out there.

Final Words:

I love being a mom (of Skyler and Sophia).
 Parenting is the most hilarious adventure ever! :)

Alain Rochon

Facility Manager and SUSE Linux Training Guru

On Delighting Customers:

When a student, at the end of a training session before leaving, takes the time to find and thank me for their remarkable training experience, I know I delighted them.

Who Delights Me?

My automobile mechanic.  He's a small shop, wanting to make a difference.  He goes out-of-his-way to explain what needs to be done to repair the vehicle.  I trust him, enough said.

What is your biggest passion:

At this stage of my life my family and grandchildren in particular give me enormous sense of accomplishment.

Audrey Robertson

Facility Manager

On Delighting Customers:

Delighting customers for me simply means…aim to please in a friendly professional manner. You know you have done your job well when you hear praise from customers about their experience everyday during their training.

Who Delights Me?

Best experience ever has been working for Last Minute Training. I have learned so much in a short time.

 My Guilty Pleasure:

Sleeping in. But the growth of LMT has interrupted that :)

Dale LeBlanc

COJG Consultant and Researcher

On Delighting Customers:

I delight customers by taking care of all the little extra details so they don't have to.

Who Delights Me?

Martha at Last Minute Training - because you can always hear her smile.

Something that no one really knows about me:

I would like to one day become involved with animal rescue!

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