Courses - C & Objective C Training

C is an "old" programming language. It is quite low-level, that means it is quite close to assembly and the machine code that actually runs on the processor. It is a procedural language. In a procedural language you focus on solving problems with step by step recipes. Recipes can be reused, this is called a function. As programs grow larger functions will typically be grouped out in separate files based on functionality. Objective C keeps all aspects of C and allows you to build programs exactly the way you would do a C program if you want. In addition Objective C adds syntax and semantics that allows for object oriented programming. Object oriented programming differs from procedural programming by focusing on grouping data and methods of manipulating this data in classes. Usually you will be able to write any program using either C or Objective C, the difference is the approach you take to solve the problem. Some find it easier to think procedural for small problems, but objective oriented design has advantages when it comes to tackling large problems. First of all because it becomes easier to divide the problem into subproblems and submodules that can be developed and tested individually. Secondly because it is easier to reuse your own or other's modules.

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