The Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA)

CanSIA works to strengthen the Canadian solar industry, increase the professionalism of companies, foster domestic and international markets, and promote the use of renewable energies. CanSIA has nine specific objectives 1. To develop and implement programs and activities directed at developing greater understanding of, and enhancing and accelerating the widespread use of solar energy. 2. To develop and enhance the growth and effectiveness of the solar energy industry and the individual members of the industry. 3. To establish, foster and advance the contributions of the members of the Association and the usefulness of their various products and services. 4. To ensure appropriate levels of Government have a good understanding of the contribution viable solar equipment industrial base can make to Canada's industrial and social development. 5. To coordinate the Association's and its members activities with regard to the development and revision of product standards for the solar equipment industry, with special emphasis of safety, performance, and economic impact. 6. To collect and disseminate statistics and other useful information, to carry on and assist in research, investigations, experiments, conferences, and publications that advance the purpose of this Association. 7. To develop a working relationship with other national and international associations, such as the Solar Energy Society of Canada Inc., to ensure optimum support and cooperation. 8. To extend aid to any appropriate body engaged in or having an interest in the furtherance of any objective of this Association. 9. To undertake such other programs and activities as may be proper to enhance or promote the welfare of the industry by ensuring greater understanding on the part of the public, consumers, and governments of the contributions, concerns, and problems of the Canadian solar industry.

Contact Info

208-2378 Holly Lane

Ottawa Ontario

Phone: 613-736-9077
Fax: 613-736-8938


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