The Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA)

CCLA was established in 1964, and now has more than 6,000 paid individual supporters, seven affiliated chapters, and more than fifty associated group members which themselves represent several additional thousands of people. The membership includes people from all walks of life: lawyers, homemakers, writers, academics, artists, retirees, broadcasters, trade unionists, clergy, educators, and representatives of most racial, ethnic, and religious constituencies. Policy is guided by a volunteer Board. CCLA takes action on important civil liberties issues in a number of ways: We go to court as a party and as an intervenor; we speak to committees preparing legislation at provincial and federal levels; we hold public meetings and rallies; we make representation before public inquiries; we publish articles and appear regularly in the mass media; we hold seminars and have education programmes for students as young as grade 3 through high school, university and law school. Among the objectives that guide the organization are: * The protection of the fundamental freedoms essential to the democratic system. * The promotion of legal protections against unreasonable invasion by public authority of the freedom and dignity of the individual. * The promotion of fair procedures for the resolution and adjudication of conflicts and disputes.

Contact Info

Suite 200, 394 Bloor Street West

Toronto Ontario

Phone: 416-363-0321
Fax: 416-861-1291


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