Ontario Sewer and Watermain Construction Association (OSWCA)

Canada's only Sewer and Watermain Association Ontario boasts an estimated $36 billion of underground watermain and sewer systems. The OSWCA is committed to the maintenance and expansion of this core infrastructure to ensure a plentiful supply of clean water and the preservation of our lakes and rivers. Ontario's health and environment are dependent upon the effective management of our water and wastewater services and continued investment in our clean water infrastructure. The OSWCA has been representing sewer and watermain construction contractors across the province for over 28 years, and currently serves over 700 member companies. Our role extends far beyond lobbying for increased funding. Our concerns include water system management, the environment, safety, contract terms, engineering, and many other issues relevant to the sewer and watermain construction industry.

Contact Info

5045 Orbitor Drive
Unit 12, Suite 300
Mississauga Ontario

Phone: 905-629-7766
Fax: 905-629-0587

Email: info@oswca.org
Website: http://www.oswca.org

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