International Assocation of Administrative Professionals (IAAP)

IAAP is a not-for-profit professional association with approximately 40,000 members and affiliates and nearly 600 chapters worldwide. The Toronto Chapter is one of 17 chapters in Ontario and offers monthly programs on current, relevant topics of interest and a yearly education conference. In addition to our conference, members can attend conferences hosted by other chapters, the Canada Divisions Conference and the yearly International Conference. We meet on the first Wednesday of each month at the National Club @ 303 Bay Street (at King St.) Most professionals agree, membership in a professional association can benefit you in many, many ways, especially in uncertain economic times when corporations are forced to cut back on training programs. Your professional association is where you can pursue professional development, skills upgrading and network with your peers; providing you with that all important "edge". This is where you can learn about negotiation, communication and delegation. Members can gain experience and skills through participation in chapter activities -- everything from public speaking to project management, strategic planning to event planning. And, most importantly, this is where you build your network. IAAP Chapter members learn to work in partnership with their executives, becoming efficient, effective team members who are able and willing to step up. Chapters are where we learn to work as part of a team and where we develop leadership and management skills. The Toronto Chapter has produced a Resource Binder for each member with useful information for administrative professionals, to be used at the office. We believe that this will be an invaluable tool for our members to assist them in their day to day tasks. Also, we have introduced Toronto Chapter Business Cards to encourage networking because we believe that IAAP should be a place for connecting, not only in the Chapter but across the world. We have a mentor program, a points program and social networking opportunities. IAAP Toronto Chapter members are well prepared, well informed, front-line “ambassadors” for their employers and having knowledgeable professionals on staff reflects well on the image of any company. Join us at a meeting. Come out and see who we are and what we do so you can make an informed decision on the benefits of belonging to your professional association.

Contact Info

P.O. Box 962
Adelaide Post Office
Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-860-6324
Fax: 416-860-7667

Email: iaaptoronto@yahoo,com

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