Canadian Marketing Association (CMA)

Vision Statement

The Canadian Marketing Association will be the pre-eminent marketing association in Canada for all marketing disciplines, channels and technologies. The Association will accomplish this by being a broad-based, well-funded and responsible organization that is the marketing community's leading: * advocate, manager and authority on key public policy issues affecting marketers; * provider of knowledge, leading-edge marketing intelligence and professional development opportunities; and * catalyst for networking and business opportunities within the marketing community.

Mission Statement

To create an environment which fosters the responsible growth of marketing in Canada by: 1. Representing the interests of our members on key issues; 2. a) Taking a leadership role in identifying, planning for and reacting to issues affecting marketing in Canada and, b) Influencing and shaping policy initiatives which impact marketing, through education of government, media, special interest groups and the public; 3. Establishing and promoting ethical standards of practice for marketing and to take an active role in ensuring compliance; 4. Promoting integrity and high standards of business conduct among our members in the interests of consumers and each other; 5. Being a major source of knowledge, marketing intelligence and professional development; and 6. Providing opportunities for members to meet, network, exchange information and do business together.

Contact Info

1 Concorde Gate, Suite 607

Don Mills Ontario

Phone: 416-391-2362
Fax: 416-441-4062


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